Griffin PowerMate

With the new support for Generic Devices in BTT 4 it is now possible to get the Griffin PowerMate working.

I wrote some simple instructions with the required code on my blog.

Hope this helps someone.

Oooh, when I get a moment, I am going to see if this helps with mapping the dial on the Logitech Craft. It looks cool.

As a someone... yes, this TOTALLY helped me. Getting my Powermate back as a volume control is a long standing, low level wish come true. This rocks.

Next wish for is to get it to work as a push to talk, universal unmute for Zoom. I have Shift-Command-A universally mapped as a working keystroke, and paired to PowerMate button press. That press will send the keystroke once per volume setting. Said differently:
-First use, press button, see Zoom unmute
-Press again, Zoom will not unmute
-Turn dial any way that registers a volume change, NOW it will receive a button press, and send the unmute command.

Sounds like a job for the "cycle through" action

Sounds like you're talking about an implementation like this? Cycling through custom areas - #2 by Andreas_Hegenberg
I have zero javascript authoring skills to bring that to reality, only functional search skills.

No, I was referring to this.

Activate Trigger
Execute Action1
Same Trigger activated
Execute Action 2

and so on

Bildschirmfoto von BetterTouchTool (04-02-23, 17-16-52)

I think I follow your intent, but it's not changing the behavior. It's still mandatory to alter the volume to between presses for a following press to be acknowledged.

thank you - super cool and useful!

Has anyone gotten this to work with the Bluetooth Powermate?
The only way to pair that is through their app which no longer work with MacOS.

  • Then click the "Parse Device Input/Output" button. This will open a new window.
  • Give the PowerMate a little spin. If everything is ok so far, you should see reports coming in. If not, try closing the window and open it again. I found it can sometimes be a little flaky."

It does NOT WORK for me [MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina]

Everything is fine until I try to set the triggers ["Parse Device Input/Output" button"]
(No reports in response to Powermate spins)

I have tried many things (restarting, etc) with no luck.
Any help will be welcome

Unfortunately I haven't tested the Generic Device Support on macOS 10.15. It's possible it doesn't work on that macOS version.

Thank you very much for the reply.
Could you please tell me in which (macOS) systems it has been proven to work?
Kind regards

I have only tested with macOS 13 and 14!

Thanks again.
I'll try on macOS 14