Griffin PowerMate

With the new support for Generic Devices in BTT 4 it is now possible to get the Griffin PowerMate working.

I wrote some simple instructions with the required code on my blog.

Hope this helps someone.

Oooh, when I get a moment, I am going to see if this helps with mapping the dial on the Logitech Craft. It looks cool.

As a someone... yes, this TOTALLY helped me. Getting my Powermate back as a volume control is a long standing, low level wish come true. This rocks.

Next wish for is to get it to work as a push to talk, universal unmute for Zoom. I have Shift-Command-A universally mapped as a working keystroke, and paired to PowerMate button press. That press will send the keystroke once per volume setting. Said differently:
-First use, press button, see Zoom unmute
-Press again, Zoom will not unmute
-Turn dial any way that registers a volume change, NOW it will receive a button press, and send the unmute command.

Sounds like a job for the "cycle through" action

Sounds like you're talking about an implementation like this? Cycling through custom areas - #2 by Andreas_Hegenberg
I have zero javascript authoring skills to bring that to reality, only functional search skills.

No, I was referring to this.

Activate Trigger
Execute Action1
Same Trigger activated
Execute Action 2

and so on

Bildschirmfoto von BetterTouchTool (04-02-23, 17-16-52)

I think I follow your intent, but it's not changing the behavior. It's still mandatory to alter the volume to between presses for a following press to be acknowledged.

thank you - super cool and useful!