Google Pixel Bud's (Gen2) Connection preset

Dear Bettetouchtool community,

I'm trying to load a connexion widget on my toochbar to connect / disconnect my Google Pixel Bud's.

I tried to use the following script :

But I'm unable to make it work.
I searched for Pixel Buds topic but didn't find any. Would you have any recomandation, script or advice for helping getting this fix?

Best regards,

Big sur has messed up a few things, have you tried AquaTouch's latest version? It may fix it up

I did a little looking around and found many people stating the Google Pixel Bud's are not a good choice for users of Apple devices (iPhone or Mac). "Unsurprisingly, Google's Pixel Buds are made explicitly for Pixel and other Android devices. Without Android, these are just another pair of standard Bluetooth earbuds with no active noise canceling, no special functionality for Apple users, and you're also hindered software-wise."

So you could create a simple button on your Touch Bar to connect/discnnect bluetooth device, but other information (Battery levels etc.) will not be available. Do you have any of this info available using any Google software for Mac? Looks like everything works and requires an android phone.

Dear Yuuiko and K2DesignLab, thank you very much for your kind response.

I did manage to use ToothFairy to setup a keyboard shortcut that is convenient for now.
I may come back to you if I need a TouchOsc Trigger to connect my bluetooth device but I would be able to find it by my own.

K2DesignLab no, there's no battery showed up from Pixel Bud's on bluetooth mac list.

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