GoldenChaos-BTT: The complete Touch Bar UI replacement

New stable version! I think a "finally" is in order here. I want to get this out the door ASAP, you all have waited long enough! I'll release a separate thread about Presets once the feature is more finalized; until then, please consider this a soft-launch of the "Presets" feature :slight_smile:

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.562 (Stable) Changelog

  • [macOS Menu Bar] Added option to disable GC system menu bar item from GC settings window
  • [Settings Window] Fixed settings window rendering issues caused by Big Sur update
  • [Settings Window] Updated the UI to better match Big Sur's design language
  • [Settings Window] New "Presets" tab for better multi-configuration management
  • [Connect to AirPods] Fixed AirPods battery display breaking onto two lines
  • [Things] Fixed Things widgets and dock badge not appearing
  • [Dock Badges] Replaced old Boxy dock badge with new Boxy for Gmail dock badge
  • [Dock Badges] Added Boxy for Calendar dock badge
  • [Dock Badges] Added Facebook Messenger dock badge
  • [Dock Badges] Removed dock badges for dead apps: Station, Chatty, Goofy, Caprine, Tumblr


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.562 (Stable)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

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New stable version! This version includes critical bug fixes for the previous release related to upgrading as well as some small new features like support for AirPods Max.

Additionally, thank you to everyone who helped me troubleshoot the new Presets feature. It's a lot more stable now, which means I can start expanding on it. I have a lot of plans for this in the future, from user-submitted community presets to more options for more use cases, like Game Mode. Please look forward to those in future releases, and keep an eye on the GC subforum for a way to create and submit presets! :slight_smile:

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.563 (Stable) Changelog

  • [Upgrading from 3.392 or Earlier] Fixed custom settings not properly migrating to newer versions
  • [Presets] Fixed an issue where custom settings would not properly save before applying a new preset
  • [Settings Window] Added better screenshots and clearer language to the Presets tab
    • Default has more screenshots and explains how widgets appear/disappear
    • Minimalist now has screenshots showing both menu bar sizes
    • Full Reset now properly explains that it erases Dock Badge selections
  • [Settings Window] Volume Mute button toggle switch no longer crashes BTT
  • [Settings Window] Fixed Battery Percentage setting switch not working
  • [macOS Menu Bar] Fixed "Toggle System Touch Bar UI" not working
  • [Home Strip] Icon-only Finder and AirDrop buttons are now more compact
  • [Menu Bar] Volume Up button no longer turns blue when headphones are connected
    • Unfortunately, the AirPods auto-switch feature totally broke the way this was intended to work. This means the Volume Up button can't properly detect the current output, so it'll just always be white now.
  • [Bluetooth Quick Connect] Added support for AirPods Max
    • Added Connect to AirPods Max button to the menu bar and Connectivity Strip
    • Fixed AirPods Max conflicts with existing AirPods buttons


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.563 (Stable)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.