[Fixed in 3.562] GoldenChaos Preferences no longer functioning Big Sur 11.3

After I updated to the latest Big Sur beta 11.3, in the GoldenChaos preferences screen I can no longer scroll down or access any of the home strip options. The bottom two options from the left hand panel "about" and whatever the other is are overwriting each other now.

I've confirmed this bug. Working on a fix immediately.

Finally got this fixed - along with a lot of other things that were really sloppy about the settings window. I'm also adding a few much-needed convenience options :slight_smile: development shot:

I am having this issue, I can't scroll down so I can't change my preferences

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Same issue for me since bigsur last update

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My apologies! I have this fixed in the upcoming version but was temporarily pulled away by work stuff. I’m back at it and should have the new version released ASAP!


thank you!!

Thanks, this is a pain!

Yesterday I installed btt and added the GC extension and I had the same problem with the btt-gc settings window, I can’t scroll down, and can’t resize the window neither. Please fix this bug

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Wrapping up the updated release now! So sorry this has taken so long again :sweat_smile:


Could you please let the link down below when it gets finished? :see_no_evil:
I wanna download the updated one fast as I can to set my Touch Bar.

Yes, absolutely!! I will plaster the link everywhere :joy:


The new update is out, go get it!! https://share.folivora.ai/sharedPreset/1febf4d0-0d3a-4cb6-9348-d9751ff88bac

Release notes:


Finally!!! :hugs: Going to test it right now.