GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread




Just wondered if I was missing updates on this? This thread used to be super active but recently it's just died with no posts at all. Am i checking incorrectly or something or is GC having a long, well earned break?


You are not checking incorrectly, I have indeed been on a bit of a break :joy: moved and started a new job, but I've taken the hiatus time to get this subforum rolling. There will be a larger FAQ soon, too.

I'm pretty much settled into things now, so I expect to be back to development VERY soon! Which is good because I have a lot of pent up ideas. I will say that I'm beyond thrilled with how the current stable version has held up, but it's definitely time to get cracking again.


How do I reset the current location for the touchbar? I said no when it popped up at first and would like the weather widget to work with my location. Thanks in advance for any help!


Any chance for a google voice text message notification? Thanks much!


Ah! Makes perfect sense. I apologise for interrupting your break. Congrats on the move and the new job!

I look forward to seeing the updates!


Is there a Google Voice app (even a custom one with Fluid) that supports notification badges? If so, I can definitely add it in :slight_smile:


You can go to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy to enable BTT location access!


Yay! It worked perfectly! Thank you for your help!



Hey, I know you've been busy, if you can give me any pointers to try and debug my issue I can look into it as well and report back. I had a quick fiddle but couldn't see anything obvious but you know this tool a lot better than I do. (I'm a software engineer so feel free to use any terminology, I don't need layman's terms if that makes it easier)


Can I see a screenshot of what the script returns when it's not showing the correct symbol?

Also, I'm definitely "off-break" now! So please don't worry about asking for help!! :slight_smile:



Music is playing right now:


What's the value for playerState? The way I've set up the script, "Play" is pretty much a catch-all for anytime it gets something that isn't specifically "Pause".




This is going to sound like a really dumb question, but you're running at least BTT 2.641 or higher, right? I looked back at the history of this and realized I never asked what version your were running :joy: an older version wouldn't have that variable available, in which case the solution is to simply update BTT. Ahhh I hope it's that simple, haha.

Otherwise, @Andreas_Hegenberg what are the possible values that BTTCurrentlyPlaying can return, and why would it return missing value in this case? I can update the play button to support more states such as "stop" and possibly a split out "play/pause" from "play" as a catch-all.


Wait there's a v3?? I'm on 2.660


Typo! Fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

So yup now I'm stumped! This variable is controlled by BTT itself, if you're playing music it shouldn't be missing value, so that's confusing unless something has changed recently. But I'm on 2.665 and it's working for me.


@GoldenChaos I apologize if this has been answered, but I didn't find it anywhere. Will alpha and beta updates be in the other (new) thread or here? I know that stable releases will be in the other thread.

Thank you in advance AND more importantly thank you for a great utility!


All new releases - stable and experimental - will be in the release thread!


Hmm. The button to connect my BT earphones isn't working. All I did was to change the "Beats" part into the name of a BT headphone I am using (Revols). But whenever I click on that button, it wouldn't connect to my earphones (of course, after I turned my earphones on...)

use framework "Foundation"
use framework "IOBluetooth"
use scripting additions

set pairedNames to ((current application's IOBluetoothDevice's pairedDevices())'s 
valueForKey:"nameOrAddress") as list
set connectedValue to ((current application's IOBluetoothDevice's pairedDevices())'s valueForKey:"connected") as list
set btInfo to {}

set i to 0
repeat with i from 1 to count pairedNames
     set btInfo to btInfo & (item i of pairedNames & ", " & item i of connectedValue) as list
end repeat

set i to 0
set deviceConnected to false
repeat with i from 1 to count btInfo
    if item i of btInfo contains "Revols" and item i of btInfo contains ", 1" then
	    set deviceConnected to true
    else if item i of btInfo contains "The Temmie Armor" and item i of btInfo contains ", 1" then
	    set deviceConnected to true
    end if
end repeat

return deviceConnected


I double-checked to see if my device is added properly btInfo and pairedNames; my device (My Revols) shows up properly.

One more question by the way: is it possible to tweak the code so that I can track the amount of battery of my non-Beats BT earphones? At this point I see Battery: (no number) because it's not Beats....