GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread



This is actually set by a persistent variable that controls the sizing of the menu bar and scrollable container. However, you can manually adjust the widget's width - just be aware that if you reenable the menu bar and change its size, or apply one of the built-in presets, it will automatically revert the width of this widget! Screenshots showing the widget and width property below:

@Polimedia just wanted to let you know I've seen the screenshot and am trying to figure things out. Will make a follow-up post! I'm glad that this issue isn't hurting your experience too much :slight_smile:


Sounds great!! Thanks


This preset is great! Thanks so much for all the hard work!

I ended up making tons of modifications (some of which might make good defaults).

For example:

  • Removed the fullscreen, back/forward buttons from homescreen (I just don't see the point in having these taking up room when there are good keyboard shortcuts to them)
  • Added a maximize window button between left/right instead of center (personally use that a lot more than center window)
  • On the Now Playing widget, moved the text to two lines to save room
  • Moved the AirDrop button from Home Strip to Option Menu and removed background. AirDrop isn't that commonly used, but it fits in well with the rest of the less frequently used Option Menu items.
  • Removed volume/brightness buttons (except for quick mute) from secondary mute. Just not necessary with the awesome swipe gestures!

The major thing I'm stuck on is the App Switcher. I think this is super cool, but it's very distracting changing the whole touchbar every time I hit cmd. I figured out how to switch it to shift+cmd, but now the whole home strip disappears when I hit cmd still. Where can I stop that? Been driving me nuts!
Edit figured it out omg. It was the cmd-bound Spacer in Primary Menu Buttons Sticky.


Alt Menu:


Hi @GoldenChaos,

Thanks for your reply, it really solved my problem.


Any reply to the RSS inquiry?


Ah, I'm so sorry! Somehow I missed @Ustice's post. Right now, there is only this thread. However, it's very likely that I'll soon split out support into a different thread, meaning you'll be able to subscribe to this thread to get version updates.

I've also considered moving support to GitHub so people can make individual issues, but I know @Andreas_Hegenberg spent a lot of energy moving away from GitHub so I don't want to fly in the face of that, haha. I don't want to ask for a whole subforum just for GC-BTT, but maybe it actually would be appropriate? Andreas, what do you think?

As a side note, I (finally) updated the GC-BTT pages on GitHub and to match the first post here, so people won't be accidentally downloading old versions. Yay!


I'm trying out GoldenChaos-BTT 2.641 on High Sierra with BTT 2.660 and all the widgets have text labels next to the icons (eg. "Esc/Fullscreen," "Collapse Menu Bar (to Small)," etc.) I can't figure out how to remove the labels. I followed the "Configure BTT's General Touch Bar settings properly" instructions.
Any advice? Thanks!

TouchBar Labels sometomes show incorrectly. (seen on large presets, maybe import issue)

Not sure if there is a better way to do it, but I've been able to get the desired behavior (disabling app switcher without having anything disappear when pressing command) by copying and pasting the items one by one from the widgets in the home strip and in the copied version changing them so that they are configured to show only when the CMD modifier is pressed.


I have created a sub-category for GoldenChaos and made you a moderator @GoldenChaos!
Btw. people requesting RSS feeds - you can add .rss to almost every category / page in this forum:


Awesome! I’ll start shifting things over to the subforum later today. :slight_smile:

@tergiversation quite a few people have this issue when they first load up the preset, but I do not know what causes it. It seems to be some kind of import bug, though.

@jbrake I think I’ll make it a future setting to enable/disable the modifier menus individually :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply. Is there a known workaround to the bug?


Hi @GoldenChaos,

Quick question, has it a way to disable APP switch?
Like I don't want to display "control" group on touch bar when I hold "control.
Thank you :smile:


Not currently! However, given the demand to turn this off I will add it as a setting to a future version :slight_smile: you can do it manually but it's a bit of a pain.


Hey @GoldenChaos

First off -- your preset has helped me not hate the touchbar on my macbook. Thank you!

I seem to be having an issue with the play/pause toggle. The majority of the time the script seems to be returning "Play" even when I have music playing so the pause icon never shows. I managed to "fix" it a couple of times through some weird combination of restarting BTT, duplicating the button, modifying settings and reverting them... restarting spotify (not sure what actually "fixed" it). But most of the time I can't seem to fix it and it just sits with the play icon and the script always returns "Play".


Hey @GoldenChaos,

Absolutely love your preset, and have been having a lot of fun configuring it over the last couple of days.

I love the home strip concept, but wondered if there is a way to configure it per app (like I don't always want the refresh button to be present, but sometimes I do).



I found a workaround that if in BTT you set it up to show the BTT and the control strip, then when someone phones you can hit the left pointing arrow and it brings up the phone call information. Just tested and it works for me, hope that's of some help for you


Thanks for this insane preset... really like to see something to add in the home strip that show actual network bandwith/cpu usage/hardware temperature

also i don't know if i misconfigured something but pressing play keep opening itunes while i want spotify :frowning:


this helped me to have some of what i want just copy-pasting json in "HOME CONTROL STRIP" group


Awesome preset really... BUT IT DRAINS MY BATTERY.

I'm using a 15inch macbook pro and it has an average energy impact of 3.2. Is there any way to solve this?



Lol mine is 6.38.
Now, I've got a question--I like the idea of the app switcher, but I wonder is there a way to also make it show items in the dock or in the launchpad? There's an app called TouchSwitcher that does this but I would love to see it in GoldenChaos-BTT.

Another thing that TouchSwitcher does is allows you to set certain applications to always show the App Controls. I want this in BTT so that I can have Safari and Pages use their native touch bar UI's.

And, for anyone out there who wants to quickly switch back and forth between BTT and native Touch Bars, I decided instead of using a keyboard command toggle that I would remap my Fn key to F20 using Karabiner. Whenever I click it, it toggles BTT on and off. Whenever I hold it, it still shows the native expanded control strip (if you have it configured like that).

Thanks guys!

EDIT: I realize now there are two ways to cancel the Touch Bar for certain apps: One in the App Specific menu on the sidebar, the other on the dropdown of the Menu Bar Item.


Hey, any updates on a fix for the resizing issue on macos Mojave? Now I'm wishing I was still on high sierra just for this lol