GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread



aaaaaand astro got acquired by slack and is shutting down oct 10. RIP another good email app guys, ugh.

fuck you astro for selling out, and double to slack for shutting it down with two weeks notice. now I have to remove a button from my preset and find a new email app. It's like every email app is cursed to be acquired or shut down so I may as well just use apple mail and accept my miserable existence :weary:


Creating e-mail apps sounds like a good business model :smiley:


Great updates as usual! Any plans on adding a picture-in-picture button to the Touch Bar anytime soon?


If you do find a new (almost) perfect email app, let me know. I'm using Spark: it's better than many, but still lacks a few things that I'd like.

Anyway, got the latest super-duper version. Excellent as ever – made one change: I added the volume mute button to the connectivity actions group, just after volume percentage. Just for completeness, really, since the volume controls are there, I didn't want mike mute always around and this seemed the best place to put it for occasional access.

Modified appearance of the vol %age and mike mute as follows:

Volume percentage:

Microphone mute:

I turned off beats and gamepad, since I don't have them, and now the connectivity actions bar looks like this:


I’m into that. I also hide the microphone mute key. I think I’ll mimic your changes and remove the microphone mute key from the default set since it can’t actually determine if you’re using the mic to show appropriately.

@truublue fffffffffff that’s a good idea for a button. Okay.


BTW, does anybody know how to divert audio to a HomePod? That'd be another cool button for the connectivity actions.

Additional: Added "toggle dark mode" button to the ^ menu with the window resizing stuff. Make sense, I think to put it there. Just need a sensible icon for it now...


Not sure if it's possible to get the list of AirPlay devices, but it would make the connectivity actions widget a lot more useful than it even already is!

Also, there is already a Dark Mode toggle in the Option Menu next to Do Not Disturb - it's the window shade :slight_smile:


so is it just me or is the battery usage of the last few releases skyrockted? The current energy average consumption is the same as Chrome... thats kinda nutty!


The average will be thrown off depending on your use of the settings menu. Reapplying settings uses a lot of energy because it's running a huge series of scripts to modify BTT. So if you've been playing around with it on the go, which you probably have (I sure have), you've probably been nuking your battery :stuck_out_tongue:

However, this is preferable to all of the buttons being scripts and checking variables every second; at least with this method the energy usage only happens when you set the settings.

tl;dr - Reapply All Settings uses an insane amount of energy by necessity to do what it does, so it will massively throw off BTT's average energy usage.


@GoldenChaos no this has been running since you released. Unless it is sitting and re-applying all settings over and over in the background.. I havent touched the BTT-GC settings in at least a day+ since you dropped the last stable.


What’s the actual average energy usage on your machine? It's only 5 on my machine right now; I haven't reapplied any settings today.


35 for Chrome and 35-39 for BTT :frowning: the rest of my apps are hovering in the 4-5


@GoldenChaos incidentally, does the new version preserve changes like icons and additions to groups? I've made several cosmetic changes like that (changing a few icons, adding another 10 tabs to the browser display since I often have 20+ tabs open in my browser). Just wondering if it's worth editing each new version, or if there's an easier way to preserve my changes.


GC-BTT can only preserve settings in the GC-BTT Settings menu, so any additional manual customizations will have to be made again. My suggestion is to copy the GC-BTT widget you want to modify into your own BTT preset separate from GC-BTT, that way when you upgrade they don't get deleted.

@kurktchiev whoa, that's nuts. I'm not sure why that's happening, though...


Oops. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

In my defence, there's so much good stuff there that it's easy to miss.


I would appreciate any help as I am not very technical but slowly am working my way through using this (Amazing work btw, thank you!).

I am having troubling having calendar events to display (neither calendar nor fantastical). I installed icalBuddy via homebrew. when i long press the date/time, it shows 10 buttons (Event 1, 2, 3, etc) and then they all quickly disappear. Then all that is left is the text "Happening soon:" with nothing else displayed.

Appreciate any advice to get this working!


I am also having a weird Calendar issue where my all day events take over the "upcoming" widget on the main ribbon. I dont get to see whats coming up but instead i get to see my all-day events.... all day heheh


@thesleepguy Ugh, icalBuddy continues to be a thorn in my side. Unfortunately there is very little troubleshooting information available, so we're stuck until the native BTT Calendar/Reminders integrations are ready.

@kurktchiev Man, icalBuddy can't possibly shit the bed even more can it? As far as I can tell, there is no way to prioritize displaying scheduled events over all-day ones. @Andreas_Hegenberg can you please make sure this is possible in your upcoming calendar widget?


womp womp :frowning: :cry: :sob:


The weird thing is if I use icalBuddy in the terminal to display the next X number of events, it outputs correctly. I just don't know why it isn't copying over to the touchbar.