GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread



It's just a normal app, so you can quit it and move it to the trash :smile: if you never had it, then you don't need to remove it :joy:


@GoldenChaos I guess I never had it installed haha. What was it for?


Prior to this version of GC-BTT, the default macOS play/pause functionality was VERY confusing because there was no easy way to see what macOS was trying to control. This frequently led to frustrating moments where you would try to pause your music before watching a YouTube video only to have it mysteriously pause the youtube video instead. This behavior was introduced in High Sierra and is still the default in Mojave.

High Sierra Media Key Enabler is a small app that reverts this functionality so that the play/pause button always controls iTunes, Spotify, or both. This was perfect for the limited implementation of the previous Now Playing widget.

However, what's really wrong with the macOS implementation isn't that the play/pause button dynamically changes what it controls, but rather that it NEVER shows you what the play/pause button is controlling. The new Now Playing widget in GC-BTT 2.641 is powered by the system now playing information, making the macOS default behavior not only usable, but functionally really nice and similar to iOS. It's almost like they were going to implement this exact thing into the Touch Bar, but then didn't for some reason. It really completes the default play/pause behavior and makes it worth using.

Pour one out for High Sierra Media Key Enabler.


Well they kind of did with the Native MacOS Now Playing, but it wasn’t all that good. The BTT button takes over it so if you quit BTT it just might show up.

Anyway Great, Great work! You’ve been an inspiration to many uh.. whaddoyou call us, BTT-Geeks? :laughing: but yeh, pushing boundaries with widgets.
I’ll check out your update and see what I need to merge into AQT!


(You probably noticed, but I envy your amount of attention on these forums. How’d this get so popular, if you don’t mind? Seems like this preset has a great history to tell)


@GoldenChaos Oooh I see, thanks for explaining :slight_smile:


Can the now playing widget take you to the currently playing app when tapped?


It already should! ...try again? :joy:

EDIT: I was able to reproduce the issue, but can confirm that the Now Playing widget in GC-BTT 2.641 is configured correctly. @Andreas_Hegenberg it's all you :facepunch:

EDIT2: Ended up getting home a bit late tonight and I'm pooped, so I'll finish taking new screenshots and updating documentation tomorrow :sleepy::sleeping:


Can someone confirm that 2.641 is working on Mojave using

I can not get it working at all. It is probably related to icalBuddy and I have tried changing the AppleScript, changed default shell and more. To me it almost looks like in AppleScript, icalBuddy is called without getting permission to the calendars.

When running icalBuddy in iTerm2, I get no calendars. Regular Terminal works and AppleScript does not:


Hey Everyone!

What would be the correct way to activate/show buttons for specific apps only?

For example, the emoji picker I only want to show it when slack is active. If I add an app specific option it overrides all of the GC settings and I'm left with only the app specific options.



Add a new conditional activation group, set it's conditions to:

"if Any are True"

  • Appname is "OneOfYourApps"
  • Appname is "AnotherOneOfYourApps"
  • Appname is "MoreApps..."

Then chuck your emoji button into the activation group. You may want to stick the button to the left side of the toucbar for a better effect.

The emoji button should add to GC-BTT on the left side for all the apps you specify.


wait.. if you delete the old presets how to set up the presets that will persistently there when you press reapply settings?


The settings are stored inside BTT itself, so they aren't lost when you delete old versions. :slight_smile:


I tried to upgrade from 2.63ish something (since I have deleted it, but I believe it was 3-4 weeks ago), but the reapply settings doesn't work...

(I set up to
No Emojis
Yes Mute and Wifi)

But then again I set up 'new triggers will be added to' the latest presets, does it matter? should I change it?


Hi there! love this! its amazing! I have 1 question that may have been asked several times before. Is there a way to get a reset or shutdown button on the TB ?


Thanks for the help!

Sadly when I do that and open one of the apps specified in the conditional it replaces the whole bar with just the emoji button. Instead of adding it to the current bar.

Did I miss a step?


Thats funny, because my preset AQT uses them heavily (ohh i meean HEAVILY) and they are quite stable.

Do you mind sending a screenshot of your setup?


There is, but I don't think I would include a button for this because it's way too dangerous a feature to be so easy to trigger. Sleep is one thing, but it would suck if you accidentally shut down or restarted your machine because of a missed tap. So if I add controls for this I would want to put them behind a barrier similar to iOS where you have to swipe to power off or restart. No time frame for that though, haha.

@era3z There's nothing you need to change - tell it to install all triggers and settings on import, then go into the GC-BTT Settings panel and tap "Reapply All Settings" :slight_smile:


alrighty...will try.. thank you for the help


Hum. I've got an odd one:

Running latest version of both.


Or like on previous models a key combo? command + option + designated key on TB?