GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread

Thanks for the message, so this is a known issue. I didn't say that you forgot about the language menu issue that arose in Catalina, but the input mode checking loop that you forgot to add (see the thread I linked!). After updating to 3.202, I had to tweak the Current Language script code so that Korean (resp. Japanese) flag appears when Korean (resp. Hiragana/Katakana). I was just reminding you that there are speakers of other language whose input source doesn't have "Keyboard Layout" but "Input Mode" instead. I had to re-edit the script so that those languages are addressed.

Yes, it is enabled

I too get this. I can't seem to figure out a way to replicate it on demand. It seems random but it's really annoying.


Hi, I just downloaded the newest stable version of golden chaos on my MacBook Pro on os Catalina and I'm totally loving it and its working great so far. I just wanted to know if there's an icon that I can have on my home strip that when I press would toggle and show me the actions in [Control Strip]. Something similar to how I can have th dock widget on my homestrip and can just click it to see all the apps.

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@Duval_Barrett There is not, but I love this idea so I’m going to implement it :slight_smile: keep an eye on the next few versions!

thanks a lot will do! it would be cool to also have an icon to press to show all the window snapping as well (if possible) as another alternative to holding the option key

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Could you add the second in time/date widget of the menu like 22:40:22? I'd like the dynamic time and sometimes I can count how long it passed (several seconds) by watching it.

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Oh man, another great suggestion. I will definitely add this as an option!

I am new here. Sorry for anything if I missing....I use GoldenChaos-BTT I changed some icons to me it looks better thank you so much...but when i use kali linux and i click "lock screen" it closes window on kali linux...on mac it doesnt happen..why it close window(mozilla, terminal etc..)?

One more thing...i use shortcut keys very often..when i press command,control,option keys, touchbar changes immediately...Is there any delay for buttons? i dont want immediately change touchbar...I wnat to priority on shortcuts..

The date widget gets cut off from sides (half of first and last characters). When I go into the settings and turn it off/on, it works. Seems like it does not adjust the width dynamically. (III and FFF are both 3 characters but have different width on screen)

Hi - every time I press something on the Golden Chaos touch bar my trackpad makes a clicking noise. Is there a way to disable this?

You can choose / disable the haptic feedback in the advanced Touch Bar settings:


I can't get the keyboard shortcut for configuration to work on my macbook pro 16 inch. It's supposed to be cmd,option,shift P right?

Hi guys,

I can't seem to solve this issue I'm having. I want the Golden Chaos TB to ALWAYS be present. But for some reason, every now and then it ends up switching to the regular touch bar. I can't seem to figure out why. I have show mac os control strip unchecked.

I'm on Catalina, and can't seem to get any keyboard shortcuts working.. any ideas why?

same issue for me. no response on possible causes though

Is there an "Add to last playlist" button for Music within GC-BTT by any chance please?

I'm often listening to Apple Music and adding good tracks to a playlist, but the process involves opening Music and manually adding the track over a number of steps, so being able to press a button on the touchbar would be very useful!

Another suggestion for Music is adding the volume up/down icons to the Now Playing section (and perhaps the above mentioned add to playlist) if possible please?


Hi, is there a way to change the am/pm to AM/PM (upper case)?

Also, will there be a music/YT scrubber like apple's native TB?

Thank you!

Time to play catchup again!

@emirhan I've reported the date/time widget clipping issue in the work-in-progress/alpha features thread. @Andreas_Hegenberg think you could take a look?

@reversed_95 I've encountered an issue where the GC settings window won't appear unless the BTT config window is also open. It doesn't always seem to do this, and may be fixed in the latest alpha. @Andreas_Hegenberg can you confirm that this was fixed? I'm not seeing this issue now.

@maxiedaniels Does BTT have all the proper permissions? It needs to have "Input Monitoring" permissions enabled in the Privacy section of System Prefs.

@kishanspatel @wahbah this seems to be fixed on the latest alpha, 3.214. Update and let me know if it's fixed for you, a lot of folks have been having this issue.

@jarrah There is for iTunes, but not for Music... yet. I'm definitely planning on rewriting this functionality to support Music, but the method used for iTunes is just not compatible and always returns the wrong result. Feel free to make a feature request thread about this and I'll keep it updated with my progress once I start working on it!

Also, love the volume control idea. Will explore that :smiley:

@tt14 It should be uppercase by default, can you take a screenshot of your Touch Bar? As for a scrubber, it's something that's been on my list to explore, but the last time I tried one out the results were janky at best. But maybe I can figure something out now. No promises though, haha.

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