GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread

Does the BT menu open at all after you press the button? Do you see it click Connect on your Beats? If not, what do you see happen in the menu bar?

nothing happens, nothing opens

Do you have the Bluetooth menu enabled in the macOS menu bar?


Non-W1 headphones don’t work right?

Any bluetooth headphones should work just fine, the script doesn't use any functionality from the W1 chip.

Interesting, I didn't know that! sounds cool.

Maybe after I get the AirPods UI setup working (i do need some help though) I'll change it to a bluetooth headphones button. So, It connects just based on the name right? And would the battery information work with any BT headphones?

Yes, any BT headphones that report their battery status anyway. There are a few different battery displays in the system BT info, which is how I get the widgets to show only the correct battery display - it's not based on name but actually on whether or not there are separate L/R batteries! Check the different scripts to see how I call the different battery percentages :slight_smile:

Cool, I'll check it out sometime. AirPods widget and multiple desktop window snapping (oops nearly forgot about that) first though!

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I'm still having trouble with the now playing widget. It only recognizes Itunes and not Youtube/Netflix. When I'm playing youtube videos etc all it shows is:

I'm guessing you're using Chrome - the now playing widget only shows now playing info for things that support the system now playing status control a la iTunes. Chrome, unfortunately, has not added support for this feature yet, so media played with Chrome won't show up in the now playing widget.

A good way to check if the app you're playing from supports the now playing widget is to check the now playing widget in the Today view of Notification Center:


If it says "not playing", then the one on the Touch Bar won't be showing either!

Hey @GoldenChaos , Do you have an ETA on a fix for " [Settings Window] Setting switches don't actually update to reflect the value of changed settings" .

Loving the dev builds so far though!

It's the next thing on my list! So in the next build or two :smiley:

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Fantastic! Thanks for your amazing work making my MacBook Pro even better!

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Hey @GoldenChaos, I seem to be having the same issue @6ixStacks reported in this thread a couple weeks ago regarding modifier keys activating Touch Bar groups. Any of the buttons set to activate "if some modifier keys are pressed, but NONE of these" don't seem to be working as intended. If I hold cmd, everything but the emoji picker disappears; if I hold opt, everything disappears; and if I hold Fn, I get the same every-group-on-top-of-each-other mishmash reported before. Running latest experimental GC and BTT alpha (2.706). If I manually change each button back to the old way (show if this particular modifier key is pressed) then it works, but that's pretty arduous and won't survive updates.

I get the mishmash when I hold down fn, but the other modifiers work fine for me on all machines.

@Andreas_Hegenberg how can I prevent what's happening when you hold down fn currently?

Hi @GoldenChaos , I love this preset! However, I would like to know how to do 2 things.

  1. How to use my own controls in apps that BTT doesn't support, I think I figured that out by checking "Hide global actions if app specific actions are configured in BTT.", but if there's a better way, I'd like to know.

  2. How can I get it to display presets built into apps? Like the "stock" controls for apps like Office, Photoshop, etc. I liked those, and I'd like to keep them.

Small feature request: change behaviour of volume/brightness controls or give the option to change behaviour such that holding down the buttons repeats the action and allows the button to work like physical volume / brightness buttons on older Macs. I understand that with volume holding the buttons map to mute / volume sub-menu but some way around this would be great as it is not ideal having to press a button 8 times to change volume by 50%. Thanks!

The only reason I didn't do the repeat action is because BTT's repeat functionality was very buggy, sometimes repeating things way too many times. I wonder if something like Shift+Volume Up/Down to change the interval to something like 25% would be useful?


  • Using conditional activation groups on the lefthand menu like that is the right way to do it :slight_smile:
  • You can also use the same conditional activation groups to disable the Touch Bar on a per-app basis!

@GoldenChaos modifiers to do bigger jumps would definitely be useful, and fair enough about BTT's bugginess. Also, re-instating the shift-option-volume combination that changes vol and brightness by 1/4 notch that is present natively in macOS would be great. Thanks for all your hard work on this, it's truly phenomenal!

@GoldenChaos , thank you I'll give it a shot, although I'm not sure what you mean by "conditional activation groups" and "lefthand menu". In BTT or in the Touch Bar itself? Sorry, I'm super new at this and probably gonna buy BTT because of your preset

If I disable the BTT on the per-app basis, then it doesn't display the controls I made for the app in BTT, but it totally works for 'stock' apps like Office, Photoshop, etc.

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