GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread

BTT was consuming a lot of energy, I tried to make changes by downloading the latest version and deleting previous presets and somehow I lost most of my configurations of version 2.660 that was working great. However, in Library/Applications Support/BetterTouchTool folder I have the files btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968, btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968-shm and btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968-wal. Can I use them to restore my old configuration?
Thank you!!

These files will be loaded automatically if you start version 2.660

I am using 2.660 now. Do the files btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968, btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968-shm and btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968-wal contain a compilation of all presets I was using at that point? It seems like I could restore only part of the configurations

Yes, they contain all presets :-/
Maybe it was already broken when you were on 2.660?

First of all:
GC-BTT is awesome. Thank you so much!!!

I'm wondering if there is any easy solution to bring back the favicons when you open a new tab?
It's the only feature I'm missing so far because its a feature of Apple Standard Touchbar UI (it's worth to call it like this? :smiley: )
Does anybody have an idea?

This is something I'd love to do. And I think I'm close to being able to. The stuff below is kind of relevant.

Now that I've learned how to use Conditional Activation Groups, I've got a very stupid version of GC-BTT that will switch to the stock Touch Bar only when a text area is in focus, enabling access to autocomplete and autofill. I've found that turning off Apple's Control Strip entirely makes the experience a bit less jarring. I'll refine this behavior and be VERY selective about ever booting out to the stock Touch Bar.

So, to bring things full circle, I plan to use conditional activation groups to basically turn the stock Touch Bar into a modal widget. That way apps with worthwhile Touch Bar controls (so, basically just Safari) will get through without disrupting the overall GC-BTT experience.

EDIT: That release is now live - GoldenChaos-BTT 2.670!

EDIT2: @Andreas_Hegenberg The progress bar visualization for reapplying settings has broken in 2.670 :frowning:

that's probably due to the performance improvements made, some of them prevent unnecessary re-renders. How did you implement the progress bar?

Has anything else broken? (2.670 is quite experimental but should improve performance by up to 50% in many cases)

A lot of visual stuff. The progress bar in this case doesn't even get the chance to show because BTT now more aggressively closes widget groups. So as soon as I click "reapply settings", the group closes.

Additionally, and only tangentially related: For me to refactor some of these features using conditional activation groups, such as the menu bar and dock badges, I need a way to exclude certain activation groups from showing up when any modifier keys are being held. Dock Badges and the Secondary Menu Bar widgets are examples of this; if they show up, the modifier menu layouts break. Is there a way to accomplish this currently?


I like this functionality but it can be annoying in some situations. For example. If I have the Notes app open and am working in a Note and have music playing, I am unable to control the music playback using GC-BTT whilst working on my note. I know I could use the system Touch Bar functions for this but it's a bit frustrating.

Unfortunately I can't think of a way around it. I understand why it is working that way but hmmmm.

Interesting feature though!

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Just uploaded v2.671 alpha, it doesn't restore full functionality of the progress bar, but should make it usable again. On my system reapplying the settings is about 1000% faster with this version.

Unfortunately supporting modifiers in activation groups is kind of complicated because it would mean I need to reevaluate them every time a modifier key is pressed. However it would also be very powerful, so I'll try to integrate that.

It's definitely critical if I'm going to use them, there doesn't seem to be a way around it.

I have a preliminary build where I've refactored the menu bar, dock, and browser tabs widget to all be conditional groups. Behavior seems all over the map currently. Some issues I've noticed:

  • The browser tabs widget shows nothing - I'm not sure why. What am I doing wrong here?
  • The menu bar does not always appear, and inevitably disappears permanently after a little while.
  • In general, rule detection seems to be delayed or spotty. The activation group for detecting the text area for autofill/autocomplete does not reliably fire and, even more critically, does not reliably dismiss itself.
  • A huge part of the menu bar paradigm relies on the ability to have the secondary menu bar set disappear when viewing modifier menus. Without this functionality, I can't really take advantage of the benefits of conditional groups yet.

Here's a build for you to check out and see what I'm talking about, @Andreas_Hegenberg: GoldenChaos-BTT.bttpresetcompressed.bttpresetcompressed (28.2 MB)
(Note to others: Do not download this. The menu bar and dock are totally disconnected from settings, so none of the settings switches work yet.)

After giving it a bit more thought, I think modifier handling will probably always stay trigger-specific. However having a way to set a trigger to only show while not holding some modifier keys should be easy to do.

I'm not sure I understand the current setup. How does the "Browser Tabs" group open? Is there any advantage of putting these into an activation group compared to a normal touch bar group? Is it correct that the current browser tabs group doesn't have any triggers in it?

AX based groups like the auto complete thing can be very complicated and depends very much on the AX support of the app. However your setup seems to work fine here and seems to trigger like intended (only tested with Textedit).

I'm going to sleep now, I'll continue tomorrow!

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I suppose there isn't much benefit to making browser tabs a conditional group, I just wanted to see what the system was capable of. The browser tabs widget group was indeed empty, but intended to populate with the contents of the browser tabs conditional group. Eventually I was thinking I could turn this into an object system of reusable components, with the widget groups just acting as dumb containers, but that doesn't seem to be the intention here. So I'll move it back to a regular group.

Making the additional modifier setting trigger-specific would still solve my problem, so I'm all for that!

Just saw your release, I’ll download it and take a look sometime.

  1. if you have the modifier triggers in a seperate CAgroup, try put them with the non-modifier triggers.

  2. @Andreas_Hegenberg, I’m also seeing the disappearing triggers over at AQT. I think they’re having trouble showing again after hiding for a group.

I have a discussion with @Andreas_Hegenberg about the new features at BTT 2.66x discussion - Problems with new features

Maybe you could come along and help @GoldenChaos?

Whoa! Transparency in the floating web view??

I've been wanting to do it but It didn't work when i tried... Could I use this?

Sure, it’s just regular CSS! I used the -webkit-backdrop-filter property.

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I'll clean it up a bit too! maybe also add dark mode sensing as well.

Nice, yeah mine does not switch from dark to light atm haha. If you implement it I’ll make sure to backport it.

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I'm not sure how to create a thread under this preset so I'll post my bug report here.

Somehow the touch bar started displaying labels alongside the icons, even displaying a button for 'spacer' and won't scroll so a lot of the menu is inaccessible.