[Fixed in BTT 3.722] Dock badges not working after installing Monterey 12.0.1

Everything related to the GoldenChaos preset. I've tried disabling and re-enabling privacy and sharing settings. I've checked for updates. I've deleted and re-installed Golden Chaos. Not sure what else to try. Everything else in the touch bar works perfectly, but the dynamic badges for messages, mail, and reminders are not populating when there are notifications in the respective apps.

I have the same issue, only one app is working well.

@Hannah have you found a solution to this ? I'm having the same issue...

My sincere apologies that it has taken me this long to address this. I will release a new version that fixes dock badges!

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is there already a date for the new version?
i miss the dock badges very much.
is there maybe already a beta version?

Do we already know what's wrong with the Dock badges?
Does the BTT function to retrieve them still work for you? (it does for me)

Can you try to run this in the Apple Script Editor app:

tell application "BetterTouchTool"

    get_dock_badge_for "Calendar" update_interval 5

end tell

This should return the dock badge number for Calendar

There was one update that restored them temporarily but the current update does not have them visible on my touchbar.

The Apple Script Editor never stopped running the script for messages or mail.

The current version has not restored dock badges yet.

Is your BTT enabled here?

System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => User Availability

I think @GoldenChaos uses the do not disturb state to decide whether to show or to hide the badges. On Monterey apps need this permission to get that state.

Thank you for responding. BTT was not enabled in User Availability. I enabled it and restarted the program. Still not showing the badges. Values are now being returned in the apple script editor.

have made the settings in the system settings. it still does not work. the values in the script editor are returned.
the last version of btt that works for me is 3.670. with all subsequent versions the badges no longer work.
@hannah install the older version 3.670 then you might have at least the badges again. since i don't have a notch it works fine for me.

I think I have found an issue that could cause the state not to be read correctly even if the permission is set.
I have just fixed that in the latest alpha v3.722. Would be great if you could check. (Get via "check for alpha version updates"):


Yes! That worked! v3.722 is showing the dock badges again! Thank you so SO much. I've missed them for a few months! @Leo1 maybe try the alpha version?

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@Andreas Hegenberg
v3.722 works great. i thank you very much. you get used to such small things very fast.
thank you again for the quick help.

mail badge works with the v3.722.
other badges like messages or whatsapp do not work.
@hannah do you use these badges too? could you please check? thank you

I don't use whatsapp, but my messages, calendars, mail, and reminders alerts are all appearing with alerts on my end.

It'd be very weird if only some work, because they use all the same mechanism. Are you sure they currently do show badges on your Dock?

Badges seem to be working properly with BTT 3.722 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fix @Andreas_Hegenberg!

thank you for your quick reply.

thank you. i have now completely reinstalled btt. now everything is ok.
thanks again for the help.