Fancy CPU and RAM usage gauges on the StreamDeck! (Also where are all the plugins at??)

Guys ever since I got a Stream Deck I got seriously into BTT, And Im shocked at it's amazing power,
With BTT 3.8 there came a new Plugin system!

So when I couldn't find anything in this forum I was a bit disappointed so I decided to do it myself!
I wanted the CPU Widget on My Stream Deck, but not just the number! a whole visual gauge!

So that what I've built! and published!

In this repo I have 3 plugins, RAM gauge, CPU gauge, and a BasePlugin
Since all they do is render a SwiftUI View into an image and send it to BTT I think with some creativity anyone can have some fun so I left the BasePlugin as an empty project skeleton

unfortunately since I used the new SwiftUI Gauge view this will only run on MacOS Ventura Beta, but with enough push, I'll take care of this :wink:
also unfortunately I don't have a paid Apple Developer account so I can't notarize and upload a pre-complied version :slightly_frowning_face: sorry

That looks great! I'll try it tomorrow. I can also provide a norarized version if necessary.

Can't wait to install Ventura so I can check these out! Please share any other SD plug-ins you've made! I think perhaps I need to go back to the Stream Deck Plugin rather than fully controlled by BTT until there's more out there.