Exclude Apps from clipboard-manager (Passwords)


I'd like to have the possibility to exclude some Apps from appearing in the clipboard manager when I display my clipboard history. imho interesting regarding Passwords and stuff, so you could just exclude f.eg. Enpass, 1Password or so.
Maybe even extend this to websites or CAGs, to work on work servers etc.

This would be important in my eyes!
Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg for the work you put into keeping BTT as great as it is :smiley:

Does this already do what you need?

Most password apps should already mark their data as sensitive, so they won't show up unless the "Record concealed or application specific clipboard contents" option has been activated:

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Shame on me! Seems like it was right under my eyes! :smiley:

how to entry this interface? i can't looking for this .

Using the little icon on the top right

I have an indirect question about this: where on the mac are the texts and files etc. stored that then appear in the clipboard history when it is called up via btt?

many thanks for any help!

(don't know if it's right to post this here. if not, feel free to move my question ...)

@Andreas- I am also struggling to find this preference pane.

I've tried looking through all conceivable menus, plus looking back to the old UI, but I can never find the top-right corner gear icon as you've shown in your screenshots. All I ever see is the encircled ellipses.

Can you/someone kindly point me to where this preference pane is located? (screenshot below)

I have also tried adding the "Other" trigger for Finder (as indicated), but no luck there, either.

I am using BTT v3.729.

the icon has changed on Monterey:

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Ahβ€”the Clipboard Manager itself was the one place I didn't think to look. Thanks!