Enable / Disable Specific Actions

As this is my first post: Hi All and many thanks indeed for the BTT!! - including the forum here.

I couldn't find a setting in BTT to enable/ disable specific actions (instead of toggling whole presets on and off or disabling the application itself - either from the menu bar, or, momentarily, by holding down a modifier key...).

For instance, I am using the mouse scroll wheel for moving page down. Let's say I add an action named "WheeltoPageDown" under the normal mice category to do that.
Yet occasionally I need the wheel to do what it is normally supposed to do...

The best way to achieve this "switch," for me, would be by resorting to another action, like a keyboard shortcut, that enables/disables the action "WheeltoPageDown" - for a particular program or globally.

Is there a way to do just that? Thanks!

Not sure if it is possible – think there is no easy way to do so at the moment at least. Maybe have a look at https://docs.bettertouchtool.net/docs/1102_apple_script.html
The "update_trigger" section describes how you can adjust the trigger settings with applescript (which can be triggered in a BTT action). Never tried something like this but I believe you should be able to pass \"BTTEnabled\" : 1 or \"BTTEnabled\" : 0 in the function to activate/deactivate the macro.

Would be handy though to have a simple action to activate/deactivate other triggers. Also adding deactivate/activate function for trigger-folders would be nice.

Many thanks for your informative reply! Although I may fail to do that properly, I'll certainly try to follow the instructions in the "update_trigger" section and see if BTTEnabled works for what I need...

@Julian_Steinmann is right. Possibly also have a look here: Enable/disable Touchbar widgets via AppleScript

You can get the UUID of an action by right-clicking it.

Thanks a lot! Now that I learned this is surely possible, I'll make more attempts with applescript.

Found the forum looking for the same thing. I agree this would be a very useful addition, especially for Show Floating WebView as otherwise you have to copy the html and write down settings somewhere else, then delete the action – or create a duplicate Trigger where you delete that action, then switch which one has the actual triggering action (e.g. keyboard shortcut).

And thanks for a great app. Started using it for @Andreas_Hegenberg's tip on WebViews as a Dashboard replacement and got it working pretty well :smiley:

I'm stuck here on the same issue -

To my dismay and surprise it appears that @Andreas_Hegenberg hasn't implemented an easy way to use a shortcut to toggle another shortcut to be enabled or disabled yet?

If that's the case can someone please show an example AppleScript that will work to do this so I can make custom changes from there?

Andreas already provided an example and explanations of this in the link I shared https://docs.bettertouchtool.net/docs/1102_apple_script.html in "update_trigger" section.

Would look something like this to disable an action:

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
update_trigger "73760CF1-B343-4F5D-89F5-734196F651A1" json "{\"BTTEnabled\" : 0 }"
end tell