Duplicate Menu Bar on top of App Window

It is very inconvenient to have to navigate to the top of the screen to access menu items on a large screen Mac. Much more user friendly (as in the case of Windows) is to put the menu bar on the top side of the application window. As an example, VS Code mac is much less user friendly than VS Code windows. Since you know how to duplicate the menu bar, it shouldn't be too hard to attach it to the application's window. If this is already available, please point me to directions on how to do this.
Thank you

This is just the base macOS concept and you can not change that. The single menubar is deeply integrated into the inner workings of macOS.

The closest you can get is to use the "Show Menubar In Context Menu" action in BTT, which doesn't attach anything to a window, but shows the menubar items in a context menu when triggered.

In general I'd recommend to get used to it or use Windows if that macOS menubar doesn't work for you. Any workarounds that would try to attach a extra menubar to existing windows will not work very well. (But if you want to give it a try, the code for my very old SecondBar app is available here https://boastr.net/SecondBar_Source.zip, it implements a duplicate menubar (badly because it's not really possible to duplicate it well). You'd "just" need to implement the code to monitor window deactivation/activation, decide which windows do have a bar and which not, monitor movements etc. and combine that with repositioning of the bar.