Don't Be Late - DBL - Fun reminder, timer app using FloatingWebView and AppleScript for speech and Custom Menubar icon [Updated v1.3]

Don't Be Late - DBL v1.3 Now smaller, draggable, remembers your last position, with built in timers, new color scheme, URL options, built in chimes and much more!

Preset timer buttons across the top with 10, 15, 30 seconds and 1, 3, 5, 10 minutes.

Launch it when you need a timer or preset reminder!

Don't Be Late - DBL v1.0 This is not your standard BTT Preset, it is a simple app that displays a floating html window and speaks upcoming reminders to help you get to your next event on time. Inspired by trying to get the kids ready in the morning. It defaults with a series of helpful messages to get them going. It's more of a technology preview, or a demo if you will. It uses BTT floating html web view, google-fonts, AppleScript, text to speech, .json files and other web tech such as CSS and javascript. It's a simple app that will help prepare you and your loved ones for the upcoming robot overlords by being told what to do by a computer!

It places a BTT custom menubar icon of a little analog clock in your Mac menubar. Click to open and click again to close. You can of course create any number of BTT triggers to trigger the named trigger.

Customize your personal reminders by editing the reminders.json file in the PRESET DontBeLate folder location. Enter in your own times and messages.

Future versions will include support for 12/24 clock, mute, addition of chimes, and a really cool settings screen to make it look nice.

Tip: if you stick the floating web view to your desktop it will run in the background and speak your reminders without floating above all your working windows. However, with it floating above everything else it forces you to stop playing on your Mac and actually go do what you need to get done.

Based on macOS Control Center - MCC https: // Thanks for sharing and showing us how this all works.

Let me know what you think!

Uninstall previous version of DBL before installing a new version.

Don't Be Late v1.3 - requires BTT 3.346
DontBeLate_v1.3.bttpresetzip (1.2 MB)


Very cool!

thanks for mentioning mcc, it looks great, you can check latest version of mcc for date format settings, i prepare code for all date formats, also u may want to use local font for next versions, that can be broken without internet.

Thank you for the feedback. I'll look at your date format code. I turned off wifi and the fonts defaulted to the system mono font. Did you have a problem with the fonts not showing at all?

yea you added monospace as alternative, only problem font will change without connection, if font available for download you can add to preset folder, do you planing to add apple calendar support

DBL v1.3 supports adding a timer in the URL in the Show Floating Webview setting in BTT. Just format it like this.

BTT_PRESET_PATH/DBL/index.html?second=30&message=Check the oven

Be sure to add the ? before the first option and & between any other options

The example will launch DBL and start a timer for 30 seconds, which will chime and announce 'Check the oven' when then timer expires. Makes it easy to preset a frequently used timer.

You should remove the ? and everything after to not set a default timer.

DBL now has preset timers built in too. Just click the little colored numbers at the top to start the timer. Remember you can change the default reminders by editing the reminders.json file in the data folder.

Timers are one time use, you add one and then it expires. Reminders are permanent times that you can use everyday to help you to Don't Be Late!

This is my first project with CSS so I'm still working on the look and feel of the app.

Imported it, selected it...but nothing shows up. What can be the problem?

Hmmm.. make sure you have at least BTT ver 3.3. When DBL is installed and BTT is running there should be an icon of an analog clock in your menu bar. Just click on the icon and DBL should pop up above your other windows. Push the icon again and it will go away.

DBL Icon

Latest BTT is running. I imported an other one and that one works.
If i select your preset, finder shows up but it is empty

There is also an other one that does not work here !

Let me do a clean install to see if something was missed in the bundle.

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