Disabling CMD+1

I use the keyboard shortcuts a lot to navigate between tabs on a browser, however I've come to notice that now I cannot use it to go to my first tab because cmd+1 will open "exposé" (or mission control or whatever it's called these days).

I really don't want this behaviour. Actually, I'd like to disable the keyboard binding completely and just keep the touch bar stuff..
I see there is already a topic asking for Disabling the Keyboard from two years ago. Has there been any progress on that?

How can I achieve this?

Check System Prefs → Keyboard → Shortcuts
Select mission control and uncheck it or change the keyboard shortcut you wish to use to fire it up :slightly_smiling_face:
That's not BTT related🙂


Thanks for the input but I beg to differ since this behaviour does not occur when BTT is disabled, either for a specific application or altogether

BTT only triggers things if you have configured them. Possibly check whether you have accidentally defined a cmd+1 keyboard shortcut in the keyboard section in BTT :slight_smile:
(or a key sequence in the key sequence section in BTT)

Actually, funny coincidence, but I've narrowed it down to the GestureSlider preset (Touch & Slide buttons for brightness & volume.) which happens to be your extension. But yeah, I'm not seeing it and don't know why this is still happening

EDIT: Eventually I found the setting buried in the old configuration ui. There was indeed an active global shortcut enabled with that setting. Maybe it wasn't GestureSlider, but I'm not entirely sure