Touch & Slide buttons for brightness & volume.

This is a little preset that shows how to add touch & slide buttons similar to the ones in the original control strip.
You can touch the button and immediately continue sliding to change volume/brightness. Takes less space than a real slider.

It's kind of a hack but works fine here.

Requires BTT 3.333

GestureSliderP10.bttpresetzip (29.2 KB)

I like the percentage next to the control buttons :smile:

Only i can't close the buttons.

By default they should automatically close if you release the touch. If you only tap them quickly, they should still show the x on the left side to close. Don't they?

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Yes it does :+1:

p.s. is it possible that the standard play music button opens/works with VOX player?
Would be nice in combination with Sonos.

I really like what you've done here. :+1:

This is exactly what I was looking for––I'm thrilled! At first I didn't have enough 'runway' on the touch bar to reach min/max volume and brightness, but then I changed the preset actions so they didn't make increases/decreases by "small steps" and it worked a lot better for me.


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OMG, thank you for the great work!!! I was looking for this for so long!

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