Disable two-finger scrolling while swipe is active not working

Describe the bug
When I enable a two-finger swipe gesture on the Magic Mouse, there is an option in the advanced settings which is supposed to disable two-finger scrolling whenever a swipe gesture is in use. This is not working for me, whenever I do a swipe up to initiate the shortcut, in this case to cmd+c (copy), I get a scroll up too. and vice versa for paste. This is very frustrating. What am I doing wrong?

Affected input device (Magic Mouse):



Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 13" 2017 (4 Ports)
  • macOS version: High Sierra 10.13.5
  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.530 (865)

Additional information (e.g. StackTraces, related issues, screenshots, workarounds, etc.):

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Same problem for me.
And I am also looking for a solution to disable both vertical and horizontal scrolling by BTT, it seems no way to do that. :frowning:

This is still an issue for me as well.

Type of Mac: iMac 27" late 2014 + Magic Mouse 2
macOS version: Catalina v10.15.1 (issue existed on previous versions as well)
BetterTouchTool v3.209

This is still an issue for me with BTT version 3.219 on an early 2015 13" MPB Retina with Magic Mouse 2 and macOS Catalina 10.15.2. Is a fix coming for this?

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