Delay next action: unwanted impact :)

Since the last Update I did (3.821) I realized, that whenever I use "delay next action" in a Keyboard Shortcut action, BTT does not accept any other Keyboard Shortcuts.

So f.e.:
I press shortcut X, there I have some actions assigned, including a "delay next action".
Then I would expect, that this "delay next action" is only delaying actions assigned to shortcut X. So when I press shortcut Y, the assigned actions for shortcut Y should still be executed immediately.

Via search, I found this bug report (an older one), I guess, that's unrelated... Delay Next Action Blocks Input

As far as I know, the requested behavior worked before my last update.

Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

the delay action needs to block any other action in BTT by default, otherwise unexpected things can happen. This not being the case was a bug in some of the previous versions.

However if you need that behavior you can switch to the new „Delay next action (async)“ action. (not recommended though)

Thanks for the explanation! Trying the async option then. Thanks.