Deactivated BTT due to Version expired

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,

I downloaded BTT a couple of days back. It looks pretty good, but unfortunately it stopped working suddenly. I don't know what kind of logs/error messages I should attach, but the error looks similar to previously reported bugs.

Could you please look into this? Please let me know if I can provide any more information. Thanks.

you just need to update your version, then it should work again :slight_smile:

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg , thanks for your quick response. I tried that option a few times, but I get a message that my version 3.579 (1722) is the latest.

That's weird, 3.579 is not expired yet so that should work fine. Can you post a screenshot of the error you see? Possibly you just need to activate BTT again by clicking the menubar icon => Enable BTT

I think there was a link either in preferences or config that said "BTT is disabled" or something. Once I clicked on it, BTT starts working.

I think I am ready for license purchase now, but I have a quick question about license. Is it okay if I email you?

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg ,
I'm having the same problem, however in my case, clicking "Enable BTT" in the menubar icon as no effect.

I also have this error message (it doesn't appear all the time)

MacBook Air 2017, MacOS Monterey 12.0 beta 4, BTT 3.579 (1722), 43 days remaining

Thank you

is this the first time you had BTT installed?

Could you go to help -> export diagnostic debug information and send the result to

Yes sure. I downloaded 3 days ago the 2018 BTT version with the old license, but it suddenly stopped to work after like 5 hours without any explanations so I downloaded the actual version (that I didn't see at the beginning). I reinstalled the application many times in the last two days.
I'm not sure about this but I may have also downloaded it like six months ago but it wasn't working (I couldn't launch it). I rebooted my MacBook since.

Your config and logs look fine. Maybe it's a macOS 12 beta issue. I'll to to reproduce it on the beta tomorrow.

After having a closer look, it seems like your Macbook is blacklisted by the licensing system. Unfortunately I have no way to unblock without a valid license being installed.

Did you maybe download this from some unofficial site? This usually happens if you run a cracked version of BTT, at some point they get blacklisted and the machines get banned from using BTT again.

Okay... Can the license you give here be responsible for this problem ? I used it on the old version of BTT, and then moved to the actual BTT which I downloaded from the official site. I couldn't make it work so then I reinstalled BTT from many different sources.
Or maybe the reason is just that I installed a bad version of BTT six months ago and I'm blocked because of this now.

you could try deleting this folder, if the license is just corrupted then this will help:

~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool

However this would also delete your settings :-/

It's working !! Thank you very much for your help, I have the free trial for now but I'll really consider buying the license when it will be done.

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