Customizable Touchpad Single Finger Tap areas - TOUCH-NUMPAD


I would like to use touchpad as a num pad with "fn" key.

Is it possible?


I think there is already app for this function, I will look it up, but if BTT would implement it would be awesome, specially if you could assign specific place for a specific funcion, not necessarily a numpad.


Yes actually what I need is assigning specific place for a specific function.

Right now there are only the edges defined on BTT.

It would be awesome if that would be made.

I'm planning to make sort of a skin for the touch pad, with the numeric keys on, so you physically can see where to hit

you can tweek the detection points. you can also add feedback to each point so while it doesnt 'click' it ll feel like it does. theres 9 points that you can tap so that can be 1-9. of those points the corner and middle has click and force click. they can be used alternatively for remaining functions. yo u can have it toggled by a gesture like a swipe. set it to switch to an alternative profile w/ swype or to apply a key modifier like fn. that way itll function regularly the rest of the time. i think voice input is a lot easier for this feature. i do have basic keyboard keys always active on my touchpad just for easier access. for example top left corner will hit esc. bottom right enter. left mid - tab .

I want functions for customizing single finger tap areas.

I'm using 1 Finger Tap Bottom Middle for left click, because I want to disable left click in the upper side of a trackpad, in order to avoid cursor's wrongly reacting when I typing.
However, Bottom Middle area is too narrow for me. It's a little annoying.
MagicPrefs, which I had used, was useful because I can allocate left click function to lower half side of the trackpad.

I want a similar function for this app, so I'm very glad if this function is implemented.

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