Custom Drawing / Mouse Gesture Button

Would really appreciate the ability to select my own custom mouse button as my Drawing / Gesture button instead of using right-click.

I was using Logitech Options to set up gestures using the middle button on my MX Anywhere 2S mouse, but that app makes the scrolling acceleration behavior very wonky, so I had to uninstall. I also need the ability to right-click and drag for a 3D modeling application I use, that's how I orbit my work.

There is a way to do that:

Basically you record your mouse button in the normal mouse section. Then you duplicate that trigger (cmd+c & cmd+v). Then for the second trigger you set the advanced trigger condition "Trigger on Mouse Up".

Now you can assign the predefined action "Start Recording Drawing/Mouse gesture" to the first one and "Stop Recording Drawing / Mouse Gesture" to the second one.

Thanks for the tip Andreas, that's brilliant — but it still leaves me with one issue. Because that setup doesn't put the custom mouse button through same the Right-click setting that only activates the drawing if you move the mouse a certain number of pixels, I can't utilize just a single click of the custom button as its own action (without a dropdown list popping up every time I press it).

That's true, I need to add this!

I'm redoing the drawing gestures anyways - they will soon be based on Apple's machine learning framework to achieve much better accuracy. I'll include a way to do what you want with that update soon.

Awesome, would so appreciate it. Since you're working on that feature, please also consider including an App Specific Setting to disable drawing/gestures. These two things would really help my workflow. Many thanks. And congratulations on your new baby!

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This is the tool of my dreams, thank you so much!!

Hiya, I'm in the same boat - looking at replacing logi options with BTT. Is this still in the pipeline?