Creating an icon-changing TrueTone/NightShift Toggle (AQT, GC-BTT collab)

where do we start?

I guess we need to find a way to read the status of the TrueTone feature first. That's probably the essential bit.

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Nevermind This. Andreas said it wouldn't help

@dugdun, @6ixStacks, I guess you could start off with this:
Part 1 - return preferences while TT is off

  1. open somewhere to note things down. you're going to send this note to this thread
  2. turn TrueTone Off. Write "True tone off" as the title of the note.
  3. open terminal
  4. type this command: defaults read
  5. paste it's output (all of it) under the "True Tone Off" title.
  6. keep that note open.

Part 2 - return preferences while TT is on

  1. open a new note. (keep the one in part 1 open)
  2. turn TrueTone ON. Write "True tone ON" as the title of the new note.
  3. quit terminal, and reopen it
  4. In terminal, type/paste this command: defaults read
  5. paste it's output (all of it) under the "True Tone ON" title. (in the new note, not the part 1 note.)

Part 3

  1. Post both the notes on this thread, or PM them if you're uncomfortable with that. Make sure that we'll be able to know which one was outputted while true tone was off/on.
  2. we'll get back to you with what we find.

Maybe I'm wrong but unfortunately I think this won't help you.
These settings are stored in a root-only file (/private/var/root/Library/Preferences/ )

I think I can add a function to query the current state to BetterTouchTool, but I'll need to check whether that's possible.

//yep, next alpha will have an AppleScript function called is_true_tone_enabled that returns true or false.

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
		set trueToneState to is_true_tone_enabled
end tell


Yay! Could Night Shift get something similar?

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+1 for that!

Could you also document these variables? I might have missed them but as far as I know I couldn't find a list of them.

(e.g. now playing variables)


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Unfortunately I currently don't know how to get that nightshift information. I can make the BTT's internal nightshift state available in a variable, but I don't know how to query the system state. So that wouldn't be very useful.

'NightShift' added to thread title.

Wow, I only just remembered this existed. I've added this True Tone detection to the upcoming experimental GC build!

Any possible solutions for night shift? I'll take even dumb ones at this point.

@Andreas_Hegenberg maybe this will help?