CPU Usage Monitor Widget

With the new update that supports Stream Decks, the only thing I'm missing from the original Stream Deck software is a CPU Monitor plugin.

It would be great if a CPU monitor widget could be created so that I could add it to my Stream Deck through BTT.

There is one available here:
Custom Swift Plugins · GitBook (folivora.ai)

It currently poses as an example on how to code plugins, but you can already install it and it should work fine. In the future I might integrate it directly.

@Andreas_Hegenberg Perfect, thank you!

@Andreas_Hegenberg I've installed the plugin, but I can't see it anywhere within BTT. How do I add it to a Stream Deck button?

It should show up in the plugins section:

I don't have a Plugins dropdown. I have reinstalled the plugin and checked it is in the folder as per documentation, but still no luck.

Mh, have you tried to restart BTT?

Yes, restarted BTT and my Mac

Very weird, which version of BTT & macOS are you currently running? ( I know that the plugin was installed by other users in the forum successfully already, but maybe some specific bug)

Latest public releases of both - 3.821 and 12.5

It looks like there is a bug with the double-click installation process on 12.5. Could you try to copy it to the /Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/Plugins folder manually and then restart BTT?

Manually placing in folder seems to have fixed it. Thanks