Conditionally disable BetterTouchTool on a certain web page

I managed to get this feature to not work for me for some reason. Tried downgrading from 3.674,1805 to 3.626,1778 but it didn't help.

The goal is to disable BetterTouchTool altogether on Safari when it hits YouTube so I can have default media keys etc and enable it back once YouTube is closed.

So what I did is I clicked on "Create conditional activation group", set "Window Name" "ends with" to "YouTube" and "Bundle Identifier" "is" to "" and also enabled "Disable BetterTouchTool completely".

I suspect this stopped working after I added a Group to Safari, grouping all my most important Bookmarks. In this Group I have actions that use "Open URL" and "Close currently open Touch Bar group".

Maybe any ideas what I did wrong here?

Thanks so much!

What does your BTT show if Safari is active with youtube?

Window Title !== Window Name?

In your screenshot it looks good - if it's green then your condition is matching the current window.
And this does not seem to work? Does BTT disable if you remove the window title/name condition and just leave the Safari condition?

Strange. It's green, but it doesn't hide BetterTouchTool. Same happens if I remove Window Name.

This is the front page:

Should I somehow dump the entire config so it's easier to debug?

You mean it does not hide the Touch Bar? Or which feature are you trying to disable?

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It doesn't hide BetterTouchTool Touch Bar to show me the default macOS Touch Bar with media keys that are shown when YouTube playback starts, including the PiP button.

@Andreas_Hegenberg ...or is this a completely wrong approach to get this behavior going?

I think it’s a bug in recent versions, I’ll have a look today.

You could try to not completely disable BTT but only set the Touch Bar behavior to show the system bar

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Ok, I tried it like this but it still seems to ignore it.

Could you check whether v3.675 fixes this for you? (alpha update)

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Yes, it works with that version with config I posted in my last reply! Thanks! :slight_smile:

(btw, any ideas when the next stable release is gonna land?)