How can I restore my presets?

I'm running BTT on 2 Macs. One was nicely set up with my customised Touch Bar config, but I exported my config from the Mac that didn't have a Touch Bar config and imported it to the Touch Bar Mac. Disaster! Is there a way to restore the config from a Time Machine backup? I've tried restoring the BTT folder in Application Support, but got messages about an incompatible version. I'm on 3.346. Hope someone can figure this out for me!

Did you actually delete your existing preset after importing the other one? Just importing another one would not delete your existing preset. Maybe it's just disabled?

You could try this:

Otherwise you can restore this folder from a time machine backup: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool

The restart from backup did the trick. I didn't even know that existed. Thank you!

I had tried restoring the Application Support folder, but it didn't work for some reason. Got messages about an incompatible version, or permission problems. Anyway, seems good now!

there is a serious problem, I have restored entire ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool from time machine (date surely correct) and then clicked on the Restore Settings from Backup (BTT even recognized same date as my Time machine restoration). And yet, nothing happened. Still only default, empty preset on the list of presets in BTT app.

OK. turned out the restoration process is pretty well prepared as most things Andreas have made with this software. I have just tried with a backup presented by the Btt app with a date two weeks before the last backup which for some reason didn't elicit any reaction. This time though it worked great. The problem with first backup on the app's list perhaps aroused because I have done lots of messing with the app, such as turning the app on and off, removing and loading backups or presets, relaunching, etc..

The bitter reminder for me and others is that we should never load some presets to applications before doing the migration of data with migration assistant after system reinstallation. Everything should fall into place after that automatically. Otherwise we are sure to lose lots of time for irritating tasks.

One problem nevertheless: It seems that currently the app does not have a reliable export of preset settings because I had used such an exported preset just before this time machine trick described in this topic, and yet many of trackpad gestures hadn't worked and at least one of them, which I'd checked, should, because it has had the correct shortcut for sure.

In short, can we rely on the export of a preset or should we do the whole BTT catalogue backup in case our time machine fails? Is there any sure way to safeguard ourselves against time machine failure?

in general the preset export should be fine (but it doesn’t contain stuff like the clipboard manager data)

For the problem you encountered, could you provide that preset export to me with a short description what fails to work? (

Maybe some bug in the import process

Wow, I just downgraded from the latest testing version to latest stable and "lost" all my config. This restoring trick saved my head. :smiley:

Quick question: was there a specific reason you downgraded? (I'm looking to finalize the next stable release and am interested in any bigger bugs (apart from the Notch Bar feature, which will stay beta for a while))

Thanks for asking, Andreas. I wanted to try if that'd resolve my issue I just described in the link below, but unfortunately it didn't.