Clipboard Manager app exclusions?

For the last several months, stuff I copy in Edge Chromium is not showing in Clipboard manager. I figured I must have an exclusion set somewhere but I don't see anything. Is there some reason why text copied from some applications would work and others not?

Hi @ndufault I just realised that it was your review of the app called "Stay" which brougth me to BTT. You seem to use BTT to keep your windows to move around when you dock/undock from your external displays. Could you tell me how you achieve that? Sorry I didn't find a way to message you directly. Thanks a lot!

I have it set to only readjust the windows after I perform an action to trigger it--I'm using triggers like "move mouse to top left corner".

The BTT action is "save/restore specific window layout." Choose that action and then save your current layout and then when you execute the trigger, it will be restored. I use this along with Snap Areas.

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That's so useful, thanks so much!
I found this post about how to create a trigger when an external display becomes active, I may try to combine these two.