Cheatsheet like context menu to remember shortcuts for active app

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,

I absolutely love BTT - thanks so much for all your work on it and for all that the community does.

Here's a feature suggestion that I've been dreaming about having for BTT - a CheatSheet like equivalent pop-up / context menu that shows me which keyboard shortcuts I have for the active app.

For example, I have a 20-30 automations each for apps like Outlook, Slack, VS Code and many others, but often I mix up the shortcuts especially when it comes to text expansion automations as I have too many of them. For this purpose a little context menu would be very helpful.

Keyboard Maestro also has it as you can see here:

Reference: How to Supercharge your Text Expansions using Keyboard Maestro (Mac) - YouTube

And there's also another interesting, albeit somewhat different approach:

FYI - I'm aware that one can create Custom Context Menus already in BTT and then bind them to Named Triggers. This works well, but is a lot of work to set up especially if you also want to be able to add keyboard shortcuts to each context menu item:

I just realized that there's another post about the topic: Action "show custom context menu": support shortcuts for each item in the menu

Should I delete this here and then comment on the other one? Or what is the best practice in this forum?

cc @Andreas_Hegenberg