Action "show custom context menu": support shortcuts for each item in the menu

Action "show custom context menu" can show a number of named triggers via a context menu. It would be great if we can assign a shortcut for each trigger in the context menu.

For example, I show 5 items below, and I hope I can use the 1-letter shortcut in the brackets when the menu is shown. E.g., I press "m" and it will execute trigger Maximize.

  • Maximize (m)
  • Left (l)
  • Right (r)
  • Top (t)
  • Bottom (b)

and it would be cool for it to say the shortcut on the right, and in a greyer font colour (exactly like actual native context menus)

Definitely a must-have. Keyboard Maestro has it and I miss it in BTT (I still love BTT though :slight_smile: )

@Andreas_Hegenberg any suggestions on how to get around this at this moment?