Can BTT trigger upon text selection like popclip?

I am a newbie, if I ask a stupid or inappropriate question, please accept my apology in advance.

Someone in other forum suggests popclip as a handy app for simple text manipulation, quick search in google/google scholar/translate, and some integration with other utility apps. Once a word is selected or double-clicked, a popup with a few items appears (options are customisable). I am quite sure that BTT V3 can do something similar but are not sure where to look in BTT help document? I will do my homework once I know the source of info (reading and trying to understand " Floating WebView/HTML Menu" now). Thank you again.


That is an interesting question @ngan. I use the software Keyboard Maestro. With it you can create macros that can do more than just edit a certain text. The possibilities are very diverse.
I call up these macros via a BTT gesture (here mouse):