Buggy cursor while playing League of Legends.


So, I have the latest version (2.717) and have been having this issue for a few months now. So the issue is not new to the latest version release... but it has rather always been there.

Every time I have BTT active and I play league of legends, my mouse becomes very buggy and jumpy. Thats it. The mouse bugs all the time and I'm forced to quit BTT. Regardless of the preset. (even with presets off)

Basically if I click and drag, the cursor jumps across the screen and gets kinda stuck at a certain point as I hold the click button and drag the mouse. I can drag the cursor but it jumps back to a certain position as I keep dragging. I dont seem to find the right words to describe this phenomenon but I was hoping it would get fixed by now as I've already reported it before. It is a bit frustrating having to quit BTT every time I want to play.

It is needless to say that I expect to use BTT all the time as Ive bought the software! And I dont want to have the need of turning it on an off all the time!

Another bug that bugs me a bit is that whenever I wake my Mac, the main Touch Bar appears first and then the BTT one flashes a few times before sets at the Touch Bar.