BTT stops working regularly, HUD adter restart

Hello, again and as always : thank you for this amazing piece of sotware.

I'm running MacOS sonoma, but the issue was the same in Ventura.

  1. Often, I notice than my shortcuts do not work anymore (I hav a lot of 3 fingers swipeds for tab management), and I have to reboot BTT to make it work. I already ticked the option "restart BTT after wake up from sleep, but the issues remain.
  2. To automatize it, I created a shortcut within the "automate" section that, when I unlock the computer (often), it restarts BTT and displays a HUD overlay AND a notification AFTER restart.

So, it half works. I do have the Notification, but NOT the HUD (other HUD shortcuts work). Is that because BTT stops pursuing a shortcut once restarted? If so why do I receive the notification.

I tried to add a HUD overlay BEFORE restarting, with a 2 second delay after unlocking and after the HUD, but the HUD still don't display. Am I missing something ?

Thank you !

This sounds like an issue some users encountered with recent macOS versions, which is discussed here:

Possibly try the latest alpha version of BTT.

The HUD thing is interesting, could be another piece in that puzzle :slight_smile:

What’s great with BTT is that, on top of an already great software, there’s also an amazing developer activity. Thank you really. Sometimes I think your software is not expensive enough !