BTT stops working after sleep or close lid

Description: Trackpad gestures stop working after Mac has been asleep. or had lid closed. BTT must be restarted to restore functionality.

  • Type of Mac: 2018 MacBook Pro 13"
  • macOS version: 12.2.1
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.402.(1633)

Numerous other bugs like this reported but no official response. This is frustrating to have purchased a not fully functioning product:

BTT stops working after restart (In my case a restart of BTT does fix the issue but still, this user is reporting BTT stops. working after sleep)

Unfortunately I have never experienced such an issue (although testing on many different systems). However you could use the „restart after sleep“ option in the advanced settings in BTT.

Does a sleep always break gestures for you? If you can find any details on when it happens, that might be helpful for finding a real fix