BTT setting sync using dropbox keeps asking to allow over and over since upgrade to Big Sur

Yes, I do understand that there is a big message in all caps indicating that "THIS IS VERY EXPERIMENTAL..." (Synchronization via Dropbox), but, but (:-)) this WAS working before Big Sur. What is happening now, you ask me: Well, I am being asked periodically to allow BTT to sync via dropbox. I click allow, nothing happens. If I look at the BTT configuration enable sync is checked, and honestly, it appears to be working, but again, I keep getting asked to allow the sync using dropbox, like, 20 times a day... Any ideas? Thank you in advance for any hints guys. Best, Raphael

I've had the same just turning on sync today. Came here looking for sync info and found this.

Back here to update. I tested the sync feature with my two MacBooks. I had a 2019 MacBook at home that I had all BTT settings on and I turned on the sync and also an old MacBook at the office that I recently added BTT to and switched on the sync. I was expecting some bugs and so I backed up (exported) my settings for BTT before I tried this. Lo and behold it worked quite nicely with all my keyboard shortcuts working immediately.

I hope there are no issue but this is an awesome feature. Makes moving between macs and using multiple ones at once pretty smooth!

For me I think part of the problem was using the Choosy browser as the default on Mac OS which basically forwards URL requests to a secondary browser (Chrome) in my case. I disabled Choosy and made Chrome my default, and the setup process "stuck."