Btt remote :Volume down with volume button not working

Using the iphone volume button to change the volume only works for volume up ,but not for volume down
macOS 12.5.1, macbook air m1
latest btt (same in previous versions )

Same issue but I noticed it goes down only until you reach the bottom of iPhone volume bar that is not synched with the Mac volume indicator. Every time you launch the app the iOS volume goes down automatically close to the minimum. It's a bug I guess, if then you use Control center to raise the volume bar on iPhone you can go down again with the volume button on BTT Remote. Kind of annoying but I'm confident it will be solved.

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Not sure it’ll be fixed honestly , BTT remote doesn’t seem to be worked on anymore

Which is understandable ,Andrea already works on a ton of things

BTT is the best software I ever used in my life tbh , it’s just top notch

it won’t be fixed in the old btt remote anymore but btt remote v2 (completely new app) is making great progress lately :slight_smile:


Oh wow ! Do you plan on releasing it soon ?

And thanks for your dedication and for all the love you put into BTT , I get enjoyment of my Mac everyday thanks to you

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it will still take some time. Most likely will be released early next year.


Thanks !

Hope it won’t be paid , but can understand if it is

Good day

it will be in included in the BTT license :wink: so no extra cost