BTT not playing nice with Wacom tablet and Photoshop

Panning around in photoshop with my Wacom tablet has become very jittery - oddly it is fine with my mouse. Quitting BTT completely immediately solves the problem, and relaunching BTT it immediately brings it back.

Not sure what other information is required but I have no specific configurations within BTT for the tablet (it mostly just does keyboard shortcuts) programming.

I'm on MacOS Ventura 13.5 and BTT v4.182.

Update: after going through all the settings, it looks like if I click 'Disable Window Snapping' for Photoshop, everything is fine, so it is that one feature causing the trouble.

Update №2: Leaving window snapping on seems to cause no problems with the OS or any of the other applications on my mac so it seems isolated in the very small overlap in the Photoshop/BTT/Wacom venn diagram.