BTT not active in Touch Bar after wake

BTT is not appearing on the Touchbar after waking Mac from sleep/logging into account
I have BTT set to show always (no mac touch bar components are shown), and that works great, but when I login in my user account (wake from sleep) then more often than not the BTT components are not shown, instead mac components are shown on the Touchbar.
I need to deactivate BTT's touch bar support, restart the app, reactivate Touchbar in BTT and restart again, then it'll work again.

This is on a MacBook Pro 2018 edition with latest MacOS Mojave

I've seen similar reports here in the forum but of 2018, already fixed. It seems it is either still happening or maybe I need to delete some older config file, given I have BTT since quite a while installed?

Those threads are quite long, and I'm not sure if updating is enough to fix it, given I still see this issue.

This issue started several months ago already, around the end of 2018.

Let me know what else you'd need to investigate this or if I need to remove some old settings stuck somewhere?

Solved this by setting a Keyboard shortcut CMD CTR T that enables/disabled BTT
Interestingly, whenever the BTT does not wake up, that KeyBoard ShortCut does the trick.

Hope that helps others with this issue.

I have the same issue with v 3.099 (1206) - just updating now to the latest stable release and will see if that fixes things.

Symptoms are the same - after wake the bar just has a faint thin horizontal grey line across the middle of the touchbar.

Stopping and restarting temporarily fixes this. Has been happening now for around a week from memory.