BTT Bug and Hassle Fix Suggestions (A big list!)

I want to make BTT work better, and to be honest, (no offense), but though the new UI is much better to use and edit with, it's performance and stability is not that great.

Here I'll gradually add a list of any hassles and bugs I encounter while using BTT heavily to upgrade my AQT preset (which is quite big and advanced).

Who knows when this list will end, but I hope that one day it will be empty!
@Andreas_Hegenberg :wink:

Sorry for the brute force "fix bugs nowwe" mood of this post, I just personally would love performance and UI silkiness and would like to help. Since I don't have much experience with coding, I hope this list is helpful to you and I hope any improvements make the experience much better for users! I hope this isn't too overwhelming (it probably is), but if each is fixed one by one, we'll get through faster than we'll know. If you need any help designing clean icons and glyphs, or asking about UI and UX usage patterns and layout optimisations I'm here to help!

Anyone with the permissions to edit this top post, feel free to do so! Just don't destroy anything and all that.

Thanks for your continued hard work @Andreas_Hegenberg! I really appreciate it and I'm sure the community does too!

Newly found:

  • #1 Action labels within triggers don't update when actions are deleted (specifically if the last action is deleted)

  • #2 [column view] Group animations are a bit hassly right now. Try a faster slide-in with a steeper easing curve

  • #4 visual refinements to the inspector column (leftmost, let's call it the inspector column from now on.) Reduce dropdown controls if segmented controls are viable. (looking at corner radius)

  • #5 Move instructive sentences like "Apply Corner radius to Left Edge" to a tooltip, and just use an icon for that button instead. (refer to pages)

  • #6 please improve inspector behaviour for multi-editing! Everything just goes blank right now even if the parameters are the same

  • #7 paste is broken if there are no triggers fully set up. e.g. if there's an added trigger with no assigned trigger type (touchbar; e.g. added a trigger but didn't select what it is) or nothing at all. Solution could be: when clicking an empty space in the column, it will put that column as focused then user can paste easily. Or, add a paste button that appears if the thing in the clipboard fits in there.

  • #8 Editing colours in an applescript widget adds both colours to recent in the colour picker instead of just the one that was edited

  • #9 this one is vague, but there seems to be a lot of latency when using BTT. I feel like I need to wait a bit before my click registers..

  • #14 Inspector Panel - "Icon" and "Show only icon / width / height" shouldn't be seperated.

  • #15 Inspector Panel - "Size" and "use fixed width" shouldn't be separated.

  • #16 Inspector Panel - Corner radius shouldn't have a "default: all edges"? All edges could be selected first and remove the "default: all edges"

  • #17 Adding a new trigger adds it's default colour to the recent colours palette

  • #19 Inspector Panel (TouchBar) -
    Try this order:
    [Button Title, Enabled, Bkg Colour, Icon, Placement, Size and Spacing, Corners, Font, Modifiers, HUD, Repeat, Long press, Visibility Options, Notes]
    I chose this order based on usage and "advancedness".
    Most normal people would just set its aesthetics and only worry about modifiers, repeat and other stuff if really needed. well, I think.

  • #20 Triggers panel - An open touchbar group in the UI does not close when switching to named triggers tab

  • #21 AppleScript Editor - ⌘Z resets the whole script to the state before it was saved, Don't know if this is possible to fix but it isn't expected behaviour. (Quite annoying when you want to undo your mistake but then it deletes all changes)

  • #22 Apps / Conditional groups panel (leftmost) shifts up every time its config is changed

  • #23 Unable to copy/paste lone actions to a different trigger.


When I feel like it, or if anyone feels like it, group and sort the new pickups here.


  • #3 iOS swipe to close a group would be great

  • #11 In touchbar device, split add widget and add button.. buttons. Like the old UI. Having to select "Add → Normal touchbar button" every single time is a bit of a hassle

  • #12 Add a new "Editing" preference pane for BTT. Ability to set default touchbar colours, icon size, etc. which set themselves when added

  • #10 Add option in "Editing" preference pane: Group list appears over trigger list / Group list appears as another column (like early UI prototypes)

  • #13 Able to assign trigger icon by dragging the icon into the trigger's list item icon in the trigger column instead of having to click it first to drop it into the image well (great for batch icon-setting)

  • #18 Add a new "Recent Actions" in the actions picker (batch action-setting)



None yet :wink:
Things that we can get over with and appreciate will be logged here.


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If any of these need to be elaborated just ask for details using the # number


New hassle @Andreas_Hegenberg

  • #23 Unable to copy/paste actions by themselves to a different trigger.

#24 -

List view keeps shifting around when it is updated or clicked from another BTT window.