BTT 3.8 is available with Stream Deck support !!!

Just trying out this feature and it is great! Thank you so much for this, and for BTT in general, my Mac would be barely usable without it.

One question: Is there a "screensaver" or similar functionality that I'm missing? Ideally the Stream Deck would be blacked out when my laptop screen is locked (which I click the touch ID button). It already seems to do that when the computer is sleeping.

good point, I'll add that!

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New Stream Deck user. Brand new BTT user. BTT makes Stream Deck WAY better! I started in plugin mode and today have gone all in with full control.

However, I am hitting a few rough edges.

  1. I use the HomeControl menu bar app so I can trigger HomeKit actions from SD/BTT via its URL scheme and it works a treat, but I was adding a lot of actions to achieve bespoke scenes and sequences and found that deleting the Open URL actions caused BTT to lose track of what I was editing. Mostly, clicking back on the trigger got it caught up. Sometimes my deletes were undone, when I got it back to consistent state again. Mostly inconsistent state was that the editing area did not reflect the action I had selected.

  2. I'm not clear on when groups close. I open a group and the buttons display. I press one of those buttons and sometimes the group closes, other times not.

Other than that, it has been a learning experience, and I am wishing for more comprehensive documentation on all of the nuances.

Thanks for reporting!

For 1 in general I'd recommend to use the Shortcuts app to control Homekit, because Shortcuts can be triggered in BTT in a more performant way. I'll look into the issue you are seeing though!

Groups usually don't close when hitting a button - only if the button causes the active app to change. However using URL schemes, will always switch the active app to the one hosting the URL scheme. That might explain this. If you click on the group in BTT you can activate the "keep group open while switching apps"

I'm currently working on various improvements to the Stream Deck integration and on its documentation :slight_smile:

I went down the Shortcuts route earlier (before BTT) and gave up fighting with it. Once you can get past all the bugs in the Mac Shortcuts app, it turns out there's not as much control on offer for HomeKit control anyway. For instance, to toggle a device requires fetching the current status and then using an IF block to decide whether to turn it on or off.

Aha! That makes sense. It seemed almost to be dependent on how hard/quickly I pushed the button, but thinking about it, it's probably the longer sequences of actions that are causing it to close. I saw that check box but didn't think it would help. Now I shall turn it on!

I have some pretty cool stuff hooked up now. On one button I have:

  • Flash 1 (of 4) ceiling lights 3 times (as a confirmation/warning of what will follow).
  • Wait 7.5 seconds (time to leave the room).
  • Turn off my NanoLeaf Canvas.
  • Turn off all my ceiling lights.
  • Dim my laptop and external monitor.
  • Dim the Stream Deck.

sounds great! I haven't used the Shortcuts app for complex Homekit tasks yet - I had hoped it would be better suited for that :-/

OK, so I ticked the Keep group open while switching apps but it still closes itself when I change apps using the mouse.

Streamdeck XL user here. BTT 'full control' integration seems quite powerful. However, I really need some StreamDeck plugins (Zoom, World Time, Philips Hue, etc.). I know this is probably an impossibility, but is there a roadmap enhancement to allow the importation of these third party plugins?

Yes, I'm looking into that - but I'm not yet sure whether it will work good enough (most of these you can easily recreate using some Apple Scripts or Shortcuts though).
Would be great if you can post any native plugins you are missing because I'm currently compiling a list of plugins (and what features you need) to add to BTT natively.

World clock is already available via the "Date/Time Widget"
For Hue there are various ways to integrate in BTT - do you have it integrated in HomeKit?

I'm using a 15-key Stream Deck in Full BTT Control mode, and I've noticed that I can't use all 15 keys without BTT adding an automatic 2nd page and taking that 15th spot as a [next page] button.
I would expect this if I were to add a 16th button in my setup, but I'd love it if I were able to have a nice clean 15-key layout without switching to a new page with just one single button.
Is this something that can work in the current iteration of BTT with Stream Deck support/ could it be added later down the road?

Other than that, this integration really is a game-changer for me and my workflow (especially in CAD software)- I can't rave about it enough!

Thanks for all you do,

Using full control mode I have only two groups on my main screen, both with "Keep group open while switching apps" as suggested, but every time I switch apps they close and I'm back to the main screen.

It's not the end of the world, but I would like to be able to stay in a group, e.g. the one I set up for MS Teams, for as long as I need before closing it on demand.

that will be fixed with the upcoming update!

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I notice the Stream Deck buttons sleep after a while by turning off until pressed. That's a useful feature, but I could not find anywhere to control, or even see, how long that takes.

I know there's large update for the BTT Remote app coming at some point in the future- is there a chance that it could have Stream Deck integration for times when the physical Stream Deck itself isn't accessible?

I just realized I can use the emulator currently built into BTT on my laptop, but it would be awesome if we could use a phone as a portable Stream Deck using the same emulator idea.
Along those same lines- is there currently (or planned for the future) a way to quickly recall/release the BTT Stream Deck emulator while in other apps?

Hi @VivaLeLuz

Can you please tell me where I can find this? Thanks.

this will definitely be added to the upcoming BTT Remote.

@Frank the emulator is currently just for previewing in Stream Deck „full control mode“. There is a button to open it in the config of every Stream Deck trigger

Ah, ok found it. I thought that is a virtual stream deck. It is not :slight_smile:

it pretty much is, it should support all stream deck functions. (but only full control mode)

I have a currently internal action to show it using some trigger instead of using the button in the config. I’ll expose that action soon.

However the floating menus are more powerful. I’ll be back working and finalizing them soon.

That is what I really need. I'm happy to wait for it. Thank you for your work :+1: :smiley:

I'm having significant problems editing groups and multi-action buttons.

  • Sometimes when editing a list of actions on an item inside a group, I end up with the UI in a hybrid state. Normally, the panes would be showing Group name > "Open Selected Group" > Detail pane for group. When I open the group, that becomes Group item > Item actions > Detail pane for action. The hybrid situation is Group name > Item actions > Detail pane for action. I'm not sure what triggers this, but it means I have to back out of the group to go back in to see the other items.
  • Deleting actions from the list makes them disappear, but the Save button does not appear and the detail panel seems to lose track of the selected action. I think this is most likely when deleting multiple actions.
  • After deleting actions, with no ability to save, clicking around and returning to the action list often shows some actions were not deleted.