Black Friday Discount for 2020?

Will there be a discount for Black Friday in 2020? Like the thread last year, I have been paying for single licenses for a while and would like to upgrade to a lifetime license.


I'm also hanging out for a lifetime license discount :blush:

Looks like it's here:

Andreas Hegenberg (@folivora_ai)

Checkout is working again! You can now get BetterTouchTool standard & lifetime licenses 30% off using the BLFR_2020 coupon.
This will be the only sale until November next year :wink:

Do you think that a discount for upgrading from standard to lifetime license is available? I do not seem to be able to find any information on that anywhere except for this thread License Upgrade from Standard to Lifetime?

You would just buy a new lifetime license to upgrade. I have ready provided Andreas’ discount code above. You would employ it just like any other discount code by adding it to the promo code box at checkout. What still remains unclear?

@m0nsoon That is alright, I just wanted to know if we could still get a discount for the remaining period of standard license, (e.g. my license was bought about 1 year + few months ago, so it is not as bad as if I bought the standard license quite recently,)