Big Sur - observation Thread

I thought to create this Thread, if @Andreas_Hegenberg is ok with it, to give a feedback for any bug/trouble found related to the latest macOS Big Sur Beta - if he agrees of course.

I am running into an issue whereby some snap areas do not function. If I move the app into the snap area, no outline appears, and no snap occurs. However, most snap areas do work. Upon reboot, the snap areas that were not functioning may work normally; however, a different snap area may now not function. (In other words, upon each reboot, different snap areas fail to work.)

Restarting BTT makes no difference. I have tried removing and re-adding all the applications for each snap area, but I have not tried recreating the snap areas.

BTT has all required Security & Privacy privileges, and the helper tool is installed.

Running BTT 3.400 (1629) on macOS 11.0 (20A5343j). I do have three displays. The snap areas worked with three displays under Catalina.

Toggling of DND doesn’t seem to be working on the first public bête.

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Clipboard manager visibility issue: it is hard to see what clipboard history item is selected. (using Big Sur public beta 1 running in Dark mode)

Update: I recreated one of the snap areas that is not working, and it still does not work. In case it is relevant, the app is 1Password.

After a few restarts, it appears all my snap areas are working except for 1Password.

I have deleted and recreated the snap area and tried it on different displays. It refuses to snap in Big Sur.

However, as a workaround I have created a keyboard shortcut to trigger the snap, and that works.

"Captures Screenshot then Edit in BTT" Isn't working in Big Sur public Beta. The capture works correctly, as does the edit, but when I click Done, the edit window goes blank and when I attempt to save the output the steps are normal, but no file is saved? I manually replicate the process and that works correctly, so the problem is apparently in the BTT script.

Now Playing Widget

It is completely out of order if music is streamed via Apple Music (if the song was not added to the Library yet).

@Andreas_Hegenberg :wink:

I think that's a bug in Big Sur (the notifications are sent in wrong order) - pretty sure that will be fixed in one of the next betas.

I plan to switch my main system to Big Sur with the next beta - if it's not fixed then I'll look for workarounds.

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Paste Text into Apple Script Dialog

Impossible to paste text from the clipboard into an Apple Script Input Box. BTT 3.402
The script itself:

set theresearch to display dialog "Search the Internet for…" default answer "" buttons {"Cancel", "DuckDuckGo"} with title "" default button 2 cancel button "Cancel"
if the button returned of the result is "DuckDuckGo" then
	tell application "Safari"
		tell window 1
			set current tab to (make new tab with properties {URL:"" & text returned of theresearch & "&t=h_&ia=web"})
		end tell
	end tell
end if

Right click allows me to access the paste option, ⌘v does not. The same script as a quick action from the native Touch Bar works like a charm.

A mysterious icon appears in my Menu Bar. If I quit BTT, it closes.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.17.01 AM

I am running GoldenChaos Touch Bar
MacBook Pro 13" 2017. macOS 11 20A5343i. BTT 3.402 (1633)

That's a Golden Chaos menu bar item. There are already many threads in the Forum here, it has nothing to do with BTT itself, it's strictly Preset Related :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just installed BTT 3.402 on Big Sur Beta (20A5343j) upgraded from a clean Catalina installed in a VMware Fusion VM. After selecting my license file, the file selection window goes blank and does not go away. It is permanently raised and covers much of the screen. I had to force quit BTT to clear it.

How to get the alpha version when BTT crashes every launch on Big Sur. Is there a direct download link?

In Big Sur betas 5&6, BetterTouchTool is pegged at using 100% of one core the whole time.

I'm not using any scripts or GoldenChaos or anything, I just have a small handful of custom trackpad gestures set up.

Maybe Dropbox/iCloud sync enabled? Otherwise, could you take a sample of the BTT process using Activity Monitor?

I'm on public beta 5. BTT is practically unusable for me - about 5 minutes after launching it, every time, it completely freezes and and have to quit it with activity monitor. My touch bar freezes, the gestures don't work, and the menu bar item stops working. I have to admit I feel lost without BTT :frowning:

Any help on this? Anyone else having the same problem? Not being able to use btt is pretty frustrating.

Yes, I do understand that there is a big message in all caps indicating that "THIS IS VERY EXPERIMENTAL..." (Synchronization via Dropbox), but, but (:-)) this WAS working before Big Sur. What is happening now, you ask me: Well, I am being asked periodically to allow BTT to sync via dropbox. I click allow, nothing happens. If I look at the BTT configuration enable sync is checked, and honestly, it appears to be working, but again, I keep getting asked to allow the sync using dropbox, like, 20 times a day... Any ideas? Thank you in advance for any hints guys. Best, Raphael