BetterTouchTool stops functioning

It doesn't really crash but it does not carry out the commands from my trackpad. I have to restart every once in a while which makes it annoying. This didn't use to happen btw.

I don't know what you expect anyone to do - much less BTT's Developer - without giving any information whatsoever.

Seriously, what was going through your mind when you hit delete on the whole bug template that was given to you when creating this post?

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correct, please give some more info, which version, which gestures & actions are you using? When did it approximately start happening?

version 4.272, it started several months ago but got worse after macOS sonoma. I am using 3-4 finger tap and 2 finger double tap and 3 finger click and I assigned keyboard combinations to them. @Andreas_Hegenberg

I apologize, just discovered this forum and proceeded to seek help. Previously, reinstalled the app couple of times but didn't help.

Did you see any patterns on to when this happens? Is it after waking the Mac from sleep or just randomly?

It is happening randomly. There is no patterns but I noticed recently that its frequency has increased a lot which made me try to find a solution. Now, it's like I have to restart every 10 minutes.

is your license displayed/recognized correctly in the BTT about screen?

yes it is displayed correctly. name, order id and my license type are correct.

Same thing here. I have to restart BTT ~once a day because my keyboard shortcuts stop working.
I use HOME -> ^A and END -> ^E (not sure why the UI shows it as FN leftUP arrow and FN rightDOWN arrow, but I guess this was always the case)
Started happening few weeks ago.
might be connected to OS upgrades, not sure.
I did not find any pattern yet.
Version 4.272 (42713).
Can I get you more debug info?

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