BetterTouchTool ofter times dead after waking from sleep

Describe the bug
Often BetterTouchTool isn't alive after I wake my MBP from sleep. There's no crash reports whatsoever.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 13" M1
  • macOS version: Ventura 13.0.1
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.952

@Andreas_Hegenberg - There's definitely some issues with this. Right now after wake up BetterTouchTool was alive but none of the functionality worked. For example, Touchpad gestures were dead.

So the way to reproduce this was pretty simple:
Wake -> Safari in forefront -> Try using a gesture -> Nothing happens.

Right after I run BetterTouchTool with "Show Launchpad" it starts working again.

The version of BetterTouchTool I'm running is 3.962 on Ventura 13.0.1.

unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet. Do you have the „restart after sleep„ option in the advanced BTT settings enabled or disabled?

"Restart BTT after wake from sleep" is disabled.

I noticed that too. My workaround is, I switch the front app and switch back (⌘+tab).

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I have the same issue on M1 Ventura, after sleep/ monitor off, left click is right click, and each time I must restart BTT

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@Andreas_Hegenberg Can I be of any help for this one? Seems like a big issue.

i'm not sure if related, but i consistently get the accessibility access prompt often when returning from sleep and i have to restart it. i've reset tcc, ive moved to a new computer, bug has been plaguing me for years.

Same issue. After any starting of BTT (even just relaunching the app) the program remains without response for a few minutes. Then the Touch Bar loads my custom preset and all triggers (also the ones on the trackpad) start to work a the menu bar icon does not turn the hovering mouse into a beachball anymore.


If/after this happens go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to, then I can check the startup logs to see whether something takes a lot of time.

I believe the issues described here by different users might not be related (apart from that they happen after sleep, they seem to be quite different), thus it would be good if everybody who encounters issues would do that.

Just reproduced the issue. Sent to your email.

Thank you! Did you restart BTT manually to make it work again?

It looks like for some reason BTT doesn't receive the "Wake from sleep" event from the system - this would explain why it doesn't do anything (during sleep gestures etc. are disabled).

Do you maybe have any apps that change the sleep behavior of macOS?

I just brought BetterTouchTool to front (Spotlight -> BetterTouchTool -> Return key) and it started working.

Right before I reproduced the issue I could see the touchbar filled with BetterTouchTool entries, but the scrolls (for example, go back in history in safari) weren't working, so to me it seemed like BetterTouchTool was running, but not responding.

I do not use any apps that change the sleep behavior of macOS.

Version 3.965.

Maybe the system for some reason freezes the process during sleep. Would be great if you'd try 3.991 alpha, I added some more logs and also some experiments that might reactivate the process.

Unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce the issue here. Does it happen only after long sleeps, or also after short sleeps?

Happens after both long and short sleeps. I will be updating BetterTouchTool to 3.991 shortly.

It survived the first wakeup. Would be great if others could try 3.991 now too.

Another sleep survived. How's things going on anyone else's side?

sounds promising! In any case the changes will be rolled out to stable in about a week as they don’t have any negative impact.

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Just reproduced it again on 3.994. Diagnostic data attached. (1.6 MB)