BetterTouchTool ofter times dead after waking from sleep

Now I got the scenario where BetterTouchTool was alive after the wakeup but its Touch Bar entries were inactive. Touch Bar only showed the default strip. After I switched it on with my custom trigger running the stock action called "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" it was back to my custom strip.

unfortunately that can sometimes happen (all Touch Bar support is based on undocumented API, and while BTT tries to keep track of the state, this is not always possible.). It should not happen very often though (unless something else is modifying Touch Bar state)

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Complete crash on 3.994. Are there any commits between 3.994 and 3.9998 that might address this? (1.8 MB)

3.9994 should not have been available for everybody, was this offered via alpha update to you?

If so, you might need to delete any file that contains 3.9994 in ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool and download a fresh copy via - Great Tools for your Mac!

Please note it's 3.994, not 3.9994. I upgrade BetterTouchTool via macOS' Homebrew.

I have these:

It offers to install 3.9998. I guess it's the alpha channel. I guess we can't tell what a stable release is from outside of the app so we use whatever's the latest version in brew.

ah sorry, I was confused. 3.994 should be fine, no need to delete anything. I'll have a look at your logs later.There have been tons of fixes between 3.994 and 3.9998.

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