BetterTouchTool is always hidden after waking from a sleep of more than a few minutes

New 16" MacBook Pro. No issues on previous 15" MacBook Pro.

Every time I wake from sleep I get the "Your BTT is currently hidden" message. No settings changes. Any ideas?

I will soon receive my 16" MBP - I'll check if any changes are necessary!

Any ideas? Every time it wakes from a sleep “your Touch Bar is currently hidden” really frustraing

+1 to this thread too. The same problem has been for many versions and continues on 3.209.

I don't have this problem on my new 16" MBP. Perhaps try selecting settings>User Interface>Show Menubar icon.

@Andreas_Hegenberg any updates? still happening very annoying

I've experienced the same thing and sometimes the BTT touch bar icon in the standard default strip disappears completely and other times there's a space for it but no icon.

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