BTT not working after waking up

BetterTouchTool not working on my MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012) after waking up from sleep. I need to restart the BetterTouchTool or wait 2-3 mins. OS version: 10.15.3, BTT version: 3.346 (1554)

I've got the same issue here, but from my understanding, BTT is still working, but the BTT TouchBar is hidden.
I've enabled "Restart BTT after wake from sleep" in the settings but it didn't change anything.

My workaround has been assigning a system-wide keyboard shortcut to "Toggle BetterTouchTool TouchBar" in BTT (I use CMD+OPT+L).

When I go back from sleep, I hit CMD+OPT+L twice (once to hide, once to show) and my BTT Touch Bar magically appears.

This seems to have fixed the issue for me : BetterTouchTool is always hidden after waking from a sleep of more than a few minutes