Better touch tool using 99% CPU Power

Better Touch Tool is using 99% of my CPU

Macbook Pro 13inch 2018, latest MacOsCatalina 10.15.3

Affected input device (e.g. MacBook Trackpad, Magic Mouse/Trackpad, Touch Bar, etc.):

Probably disable experimental Dropbox sync, that's currently buggy in some systems.

where do I disable that?
I never activated such feature on better touch tool nor I want it

Are you sure? Then it's probably some other issue.

I'd still check the settings:

which issue?

Ok, sync seems to be disabled, so that's not it. Could you try to run this terminal command?

sample BetterTouchTool -file ~/Desktop/sample.txt

Then attach the sample.txt from your Desktop here? (31.5 KB)

Weird, that sample looks ok. Does the 99% CPU usage happen right after starting BTT?

from time to time when I am connected to an external monitor

but it's an heavy app

Would be great if you could run the sample command again when it hits 99%.

In general cpu usage depends a lot on the features and presets you are using. E.g. Touch Bar presets with many Apple Scripts can cause relatively high CPU usage.

I recommend the latest alpha (3.311), which should significantly reduce CPU usage in some areas.

I have read somewere that connecting a external monitor gives issues with macbook pro. (16 inch).
I hope this is helpful.

I'm experiencing the same thing. But, it's not BTT directly. When BTT is running, airportd is going at 118%. When I exit BTT, it goes down directly. When I relaunch it, it goes high again. So, BTT is doing something to bet airportd running very hard.

in general BTT doesn’t interact with airportd, maybe some script you have running inside of BTT?

I've scalled down BTT to just my basics (two finger moving windows and resizing windows). I have everything else removed or off. It's mostly doing it right after booting. Once the system has been running for quite a while, I can launch BTT and it will behave until the next update. It's been these Alpha builds I've been getting almost everyday.

Maybe some wifi issue? (airportd is for managing wifi connectivity). Any special wireless configuration?

I’ll keep an eye on it, however this sounds more like some macos issue.

this is such a bullshit bug that I forgot better touch tool since 6 february

tried it again, updated it to the current version same thing happens

I am getting tired :frowning:

if you have any preset installed or other custom configuration, maybe try to disable it and create a new preset. I currently don’t think this is a BTT issue, but it could be some installed preset or bad config inside BTT.

what's a bad configuration in a product that allows configurations?

Should I send you my current preset for you to analyse?

I just want it to work, simple

as BTT allows to run custom scripts, there are tons of ways to break things :slight_smile:
Another example would be keyboard shortcuts that trigger themselves recursively or widgets that update at a too high rate.

You can send your preset to, however I’m currently a bit busy, may take a few days until I can check it.

I used your own system to create, I didn't built scripts

thanks for the support, just sent it to you!