Better Snap Tool Bug - double clicking window title bar when using Catalina.

Double clicking on the title bar also behaves unexpectedly in Catalina on my 2018 MacBook Pro. I have set BST to show me the menu, but if I double click it the window resizes. If when resized the mouse curser is still hovering over an area that BST is monitoring for double clicks, the menu is displayed, otherwise I don't see the menu.

probably all issues related to BetterSnapTool are caused by the new weird screen recording permissions. For now you can manually add BetterSnapTool to System Preferences-> Security and Privacy -> Privacy -> Screen Recording.

Next week a new Bettersnaptool version will be released that will work better even without that permission and which will request the permission for best performance.

Also see screen recording??

Andreas, I realize that I only use BTT for snapping. Is there a beta of BST I can try is it only an Mac App Store application?

the latest BTT already includes the permission request :slight_smile:

No need for BetterSnapTool if you have BTT.

I don't see how I can add BST to the Screen Recording pane. Drag and drop doesn't work and there's no option to add.

ah I think macOs only allows to add apps after at least one other app (e.g quicktime when doing a screen capture) has requested the permission.

Seemingly not in this instance though. I added QTP then quit Sys prefs and started it again then tried to drag and drop it in but nothing happened.

weird, doesn’t it show the little add button on the screen recording permission screen? Oh well :slight_smile: I’ll upload a beta tomorrow.

If you want you can also try BTT (if you have bought Bettersnaptool you can activate a standard license for Bettertouchtool for free)

No, nothing shows that might add apps - some of the other panes don't either. I'll take a look at BTT. Thanks. I wasn't aware of it until the issue with BST.